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AirPods Pro 2 All The Rumors and Leaks

The airpods pro my favorite wireless earbuds but apple hasn’t launched a new version since their 2019 debut however that could change this year as multiple reports have indicated a new version isn’t the work the current airpods pro brought more premium features like active noise cancellation and customizable feed to apple’s wireless earbuds based on the reports i’ve seen so far the second generation model will add further improvements such as sleeker stainless design.

And new charging case and fitness capabilities of course i’ll tell you everything right now hi it’s aussien and before i start discuss the news airpods were initially marketed as a companion to the iphone 7 apple’s first smartphone without a headphone jack but in the five years since launch airpods have become the most popular wireless earbuds in the world apple’s current airpods line up alongside.

The aforementioned airpods pro includes the 129 airpods second generation 179 airpods your generation and the 549 over ears airpods max headphones reports from bloomberg and reliable apple analyst minshi kuo both say the airpods pro will arrive in 2022 but it’s unclear precisely when we can expect to see the debut in december coup predicted the airpods pro 2 will arrive in the fourth quarter of 2022 according to research notes seen by mac rumors says suggest they could be part of apple’s product bleeds that typically takes place towards the end of the year.

For example apple announced the iphone 13 lineups the apple watch series 7 the airpods 3 and the new line of macbook pro laptops this past september and october a more recent tweet from core says the airpods pro will be released in the second half of 2022. bloomberg on the other hand didn’t specify time frame within 2022 for the airpods pro 2’s release but don’t count on snagging the original airpods pro at discount when the second model launches cool also predicts apple will discontinue the current version when the airpods pro 2 arrives to maintain high demand for the new earbuds apple may give audiophiles something to be excited.

About with the airpods pro 2. the second generation version may support lossless audio according to the note from analyst minshi cool obtained by 925 mark and apple insider lossless audio compression preserves the original data from the original source file resulting in generally improved audio quality as apple notes on its support page you currently need a wired connection to listen to lossless audio on apple products unless you’re using the device’s built-in speakers apple of course never talks about new products before they are announced.

But gary gibbs apple’s vice president of acoustics hinted that the company wants to work around the limits of bluetooth technology to improve audio quality when speaking with home entertainment outlet what hi-fi there is a number of tweaks we can play to maximize or get around some of the limits of bluetooth but it’s fair to say that we would like more bandwidths and i’ll stop right there we would like more bandwidths it might be time to say goodbye to the wide glossy stems that airpods have had since their 2016.

Launch apple’s next airpods pro could have more discrete stem free look similar to the beats studio bots according to bloomberg said report says only that apple is tasting this type of design but it’s unknown if it will be the design of the final product if this change is made it would mark the first time that apple has significantly redesigned its true wireless earbud since the first airpods pro launched in 2019 it would also make the airpods pro look more like competing earbuds from samsung amazon and both among others.

It also raises the question of how apple will implement touch control on the next airpods pro model the stamps on the current version hosts apple’s force sensor which lets you control media playback and access siri without the stems apple would likely have to play these touch controls on the earbuds themselves similar to the beat studio bots the airpods pro 2 may also get a new case according to japanese bloke makatakara that makes sense considering the case would have to be slightly different to match but’s new design.

The reports give the dimensions of this new case as being the same as airpods risk case which is water resistant unlike apple’s other airpods cases an investor note from coop seen by apple insider a 905 mug says the charging case for the next generation of airpods pro will also be able to emit a sound this is said to make finding a lost or misplaced case easier earpods can do a lot of things but activity tracking isn’t one of them apple might change that soon enough with the airpods pro 2 which will feature updated motion track and sensor intended for fitness tracking according to bloomberg.

The report doesn’t get into additional details but an apple patent application from 2017 suggests it could be exploring ways to measure biometric signals through earbuds although apple hasn’t said anything about its future plans for airpods there is a lot of weakened infer based on the airport 3. for example z179 earpods offer slightly better battery life than both the pricier airpods pro and the second generation airpods it seems plausible that apple would improve the airpods pro 2’s battery life to at least match if not exceed that of the airpods 3.

It also wouldn’t be surprising to see the next airpods pro gain the airpods 3 skin detect sensor another lingering question is how much the airpods pro 2 will cost apple sells the current airpods pro for 249. i don’t know anything for certain about apple’s future plans but if apple discontinues the original airpods pro when it announces in you once it could keep the 249 price for the new model apple didn’t change the standard airpods price when it launches the second generation airpods in 2019 and although.

The airpods pro may be a bit expensive compared with some of apple’s competitors their popularity has proven that people are willing to pay a higher price if the rumors are accurate it sounds like the new design and fitness tracking capabilities will be the biggest updates we can expect those changes might not be enough to sway anyone who’s recently purchased airpods pro but they could be significant enough to convince those who bought the originals back in 2019 to upgrade so do you have any earbuds are you satisfied with your choice perhaps you’re planning an upgrade let me know in the comment section.


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