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Android 13 first look has been revealed

So Android 12 is one of the platform’s biggest updates ever on a visual level, it’s still a very new version of the platform and most of the smartphone OEMs are yet to update their devices to Android 12. Google’s Pixel 6 phones were the first to get the update and Google is already working on Android 12L which is aimed at foldables to make it easier to use the foldable phones and other large-screen devices.

Meanwhile, the next big version of Android, the Android 13 has already been leaked by XDADevelopers revealing screenshots as well as the new features that will arrive with the update. By the way, XDA confirms that they are confident about the authenticity of the screenshots and the features will indeed end up in the final build of Android 13.

First off, Android 13 will have a new clock layout. You see in Android 12, The clock has a “two-line” layout that transforms to a single line when a notification arrives and it reverts back two line layout when notifications are cleared. With Android 13, you’d be able to disable the two-line clock layout altogether and retain the single-line layout permanently as you can see.

Second is app languages. You see right now if you change the language of Android in settings then it applies universally across the device. There’s no setting where you can change the language of individual apps. As a result, panlingual users must pick one language in which they are most comfortable and use the phone, as well as all loaded apps and services, in that language alone. But with Android 13, users would be able to choose a global language for the UI and menus, but they can also set different languages to different apps as per their convenience.

Third is runtime permission for notifications. You see right now, an app on our phone can send notifications as it pleases. Some of them are so worst that they send 10, 20 notifications a day. Although there’s an option in notification settings to stop this happen not all of the users are aware of this option. But with r


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