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Apple iPhone 14 Pro models design schematics leak

Apple iphone 14 pro models design schematics leak gives a more detailed look at the devices apple is still months away from announcing the next generation iphone models but still leaks related to the upcoming iphone 14 series have already started servicing online in the latest leak the design of the iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max smartphones have surfaced online giving us a detailed look.

At how the devices will look and differ from the cupertino based giant’s current devices apart from this apple may rebrand a 15 bionic as a 16 for iphone 14 with price height a well-known tipster max weinbach has shared design schematics for the apple iphone 14 pro giving us a super detailed look at the design of the upcoming smartphone it is said to measure a bit taller and thicker than its predecessor on the other hand.

The iphone 14 pro max will be slightly shorter and thinner but no one will be able to notice it with the naked eye it is being said that the camera bulge on the iphone 14 pro series smartphones will be more prominent to its current models the size of the camera module is also set to increase in the new models if the rumors are to be believed then the apple iphone 14 will continue to feature a notch on top of the screen but the pro models will get rid of the notch and will instead have pill shaped cutouts for the front facing camera and face id sensors.

There are also reports that claim iphone 14 and 14 max is powered by the current generation apple a15 bionic process while the 14 pro and 14 pro max will come powered by the new a16 bionic chip built using 4 and m process display analyst rasium believes that apple will expand it to the entire iphone 15 lineup in 2023 bringing the updated look to even the lower cost iphone 15 options.

As prem there is a chance the pill and holes could get smaller in 2023 meanwhile 2022 pro models would come with a big camera upgrade current pro iphones ship with a 12 megapixel camera on board however iphone 14 pro models will feature a 48 megapixel camera apple has reportedly advised major us carriers to prepare for the launch of e sim only smartphones by september this year it is possible that apple might remove the physical sim card slot.

Starting with some iphone 14 models rather than some iphone 15 models as originally rumored it is also said that there will be support for 2d sim cards ensuring dual sim functionality the removal of the sim card slot could further improve water resistance earlier this week we had reported on known apple analyst ming cha kyo claiming that the upcoming iphone 14 and iphone 14 max might ship with the last gen a15 bionic chipset.

And now new information has further backed this information along with some other interesting details apart from qo other notable sources like bloomers mark german have also backed this claim if it’s true this would mark the first time that the cupertino based giant divided its iphone lineups chipsets since the iphone 5s and iphone 5 see the former feature of the a7 while the latter arrived with the older a6 chip according to a eye drop news report.

The iphone 14 series will also be receiving a similar treatment this time around apparently the brand will be reusing the a15 bionic chipset that was on the iphone 13 series for the base iphone 14 and the iphone 14 max model this year however to avoid possible backlash the company will be rebranding the new chipset to the a16 to keep it in line with its typical annual chip refresh cycle on the other hand the actual nude chip could be labeled as the a16 pro which will likely be reserved for the iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max notably this move allows.

Apple to cut down on costs with the mini model being discontinued the lineup will now start at 799 us dollars meanwhile the max version will cost 100 us dollars more in other words the company would still be able to maintain its usual 200 us dollar price difference between its pro and non-pro models so what do you guys think about this new design and a 16 bionic chipset let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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