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Apple Watch Series 8 All Rumors and Leaks

Every year apple reminds us that the apple watch is the best and most popular smartwatch in the world in my opinion series 6 and 7 were not as great and innovative as i hoped they would be but in series 8 we finally get to see something very interesting therefore i have collected the most important stuff the news the apple watch 8 is already on our mind even if the apple watch 7 only became available to buy a few months ago and while i’m not so impressed by the latest apple smartwatch it definitely leaves some features to be desired apple has announced.

A new version of the best smartwatch every year since the launch of the original so there is a good chance the company is already working on a follow up to the apple watch 7. i haven’t seen any major leaks like we have for the iphone 14 but rumors that didn’t materialize with the latest model could be destined for apple watch 8. for all i know apple is still planning the flat edge redesign many people anticipated it could also bring a new health sensor for the apple watch 8 since the apple watch 7 vs apple watch 6 hardware didn’t introduce much in terms of wellness.

In the meantime virtuos 8 welcomes more workout types plus a mindfulness app for reflecting on everyday basis still i’m curious about what’s ahead the apple watch sets standards for wearable computing making early apple watch 8 rumors worth putting latest updates on the possible apple watch 8 price and release date expected features and more the apple watch’s appearance has remained virtually unchanged since the first model debuted in 2016 but the iconic squirkle was tweaked with the apple watch 7 tokema d8 larger display in a ever so curvier chassis well it’s early for apple watch 8 rumors.

There are some rumors doing the rounds the latest one is an alleged render image of the apple watch i can’t verify this image legitimacy but if it’s accurate then the apple watch 8 won’t be spotting a big design change over the apple watch 7. but the apple watch 8 could follow the design language of newer flat etched iphones see if it gets the upgrades that were previously rumored for the series 7. expectations of a flat sided apple watch grew when leaker john prosser shared a series of renders earlier this year proster hedged.

The timeline of the major design change saying his sources could have passed a long intel for the different future apple watch not necessarily the apple watch 7. another set of renders published ahead of the apple watch 7 announcement revealed plans for a flat h3 design they reportedly leaked card renders shared by 91 mobiles it is an all-flat design display included could apple jump from its curviest apple watch to get its sharpest i don’t know but it’s certainly possible there is a chance apple watch 8 comes alongside the less expensive apple watch se.

Follow-up which would be 2 years old by this september we could see the apple watches e2 start at 279 with upgraded specs compared for the current best apple watch for those on a budget there is also a talk of rugged apple watch designed to better cater the outdoor sport enthusiasts whether it would become one of the best sport watches depends heavily on a battery life and gps features racked apple watch rumors started ahead of the apple watch 7 launch but according to apple tipster mark gorman it and the new apple watch sc might rife alongside the sirius 80.

Better battery life the apple watch’s battery life has been rated for 18 hours for several years now and while the company has added more texting features like an always-on display you still can’t bypass a daily charge maybe with a larger battery capacity and more efficient processor the apple watch 8 stamina will improve compared to previous generation models i hope for this every year though even the apple watch 7 was tipped for a huge battery life boost but it didn’t happen skin temperature reader according to a bloomberg report.

Apple is working on a skin temperature sensor as found in the fitbit sense a wall street journal reports targets 2022 as a possible arrival for this capability which would require new hardware and apple watch to monitor temperature it’s possible the watch’s temperature taking ability would be pitched as a fertility planning feature according to mark gorman this is still a possibility blood glucose reader blood glucose reading for apple watch has been rumored for some time the wall street journal report mentioned in skin temperature reading also confirms.

That apple wants its smartwatch to be able to detect or help monitor diabetes there are already third-party apps that work with an invasive pump but apple is reportedly studying non-invasive ways to take blood glucose readings a recent report in dj times further back this up claiming that apple has begun working visit suppliers to create short wavelengths infrared sensors that could monitor the amount of sugar in a user’s blood blood pressure monitor like blood glucose reading rumors of blood pressure monitoring for apple watch began a while back for a moment ahead of the apple watch 7 launch apple seemed poised to announce.

The health sensor but it didn’t materialize as we’ve seen samsung is still struggling to earn vda approval for the blood pressure monitor in this samsung galaxy watch 4 and samsung galaxy watch 3 the apple watch won’t get blood pressure monitoring until it earns the necessary certificates for us application micro led display rumors have considered that the apple watch could make a switch from an oled display to a micro led screen it could enable a slimmer and more power efficient apple watch micro led display offer a better brightness.

And don’t suffer from the luminance decay problems of traditional oled panels in other words using micro led screen tech could help boost the apple watch’s lifespan which stands at just 18 hours with an always on display touch id the apple watch’s current biometric system is pretty simple if you use a passcode you’ll need to type it in anytime you put your apple watch on your wrist considering the amount of information your smartwatch may hold i’d welcome more security until the apple watch gets a native selfie camera for face id touch id seems like the solution perhaps a fingerprint reader could be added to the side button or even under.

The apple watch display even larger sizes though the apple watch 7 grew from 40 and 44 millimeters to 41 and 45 millimeters as confirmed by apple watch bands listed on apple’s website i’d like the apple watch to come even in larger sizes the current sizes allow for a miniaturized user experience that’s excellent in snippet but impractical for productivity adding a couple of millimeters to the apple which might not sound like a major change but it could give the company a room to add things like stronger microphones and speakers or even a bigger processor.

I don’t know a potential release date for the apple watch 8 yet but going by previous apple watch launches i’m expecting to see the next apple watch in september 2022. similarly there is no information available about the apple watch 8 prices right now but apple has maintained the same price structure for several years so i expect this year apple watch will match the price of the apple watch 7.

The apple watch 7 starts at 3.99 for the 41 millimeter model with premiums for the larger 45 millimeter model and cellular connectivity do you plan to upgrade to the new apple watch this year and if so which model do you find the most interesting your answers as always you can leave in the comment section below i will definitely read every scene and i will answer the most interesting comments.


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