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Apple’s next flagship smartphones

I know the iphone 14 launch event is still quite a long time away however the first information appeared on the network about how the main flagship of apple and page 22 will look like now i will tell you about the details greetings to everyone the news remember how the iphone 14 was allegedly leaked before the iphone 13 family even went official back in september 2021.

Well you may want to forget all about the futuristic apple design this centered hole punch and iphone 4 inspired circular side buttons as the cupertino-based tech giant is once again expected to play sync safe this fall cut on the heels of credible looking schematics purporting to show a 6.1 inch iphone 14 pro with both a pill shaped and a smaller round display cut out the standard version of apple’s next big thing starts in a somewhat sketchy.

New leak of its own reveal in an extremely familiar appearance otherwise puts a necessarily large screen cutout used to accommodate the front-facing camera and face id authentication system since 2017’s iphone 10 is dead as far as pro is handsets are concerned but very much alive in terms of non-pro and honesty iphones that’s of course if these freshly revealed computer-aided design renders will ultimately prove to be the real deal which is never guaranteed with so many months left to apple’s next major product launch event.

And new images don’t exactly come as shock and mid-intensify and speculation of another safe play from apple which might equip the 6.1 inch iphone 14 and 6.7 inch iphone 14 max with a good old-fashioned a15 bionic chip instead of a16 expected to power the iphone 14 pro and 14 pro max by the way is a non-pro iphone 14 max which could step in to essentially replace the unsuccessful iphone 13 mini is likely to look very similar to the vanilla iphone 14 sporting a wide notch of its own and dual rear facing camera setup sorry.

If you were expecting me to walk spatic about some subtle revisions alterations to the button sports and other seemingly minor design elements that could radically change the overall look or feel of the sync but at least for this time i don’t have much to report on this front the lightning connector is almost certainly not going anywhere this year either crushing both my usb type-c and portless dreams all at once and the headphone jack is not coming back from the dead the physical volume control keys alert slider sim card slot and power button.

Are all in their familiar positions with their same old design and no notable additions or absences for what it’s worth my smart price report that the protruding rare camry model seems to have a thick glass around it which sounds like the kind of minor build improvement that you should never take for granted when depicted in image like this half a year ahead of phone’s official announcement then again it’s probably wise not to be one person sure of anything at the moment in relation to the iphone 14.

That includes everything from the unchanged 12 megapixel rear facing image and sensors repeatedly tipped in contrast with 48 megapixel shooter of their 14 pro in pro marks too enhanced but still far from impressive 6 gigs of ram the satellite capabilities initially rumored to debut with the iphone 13 lineup are also not etched in stone for 2022 and while the 6.1 inch super tina xdr oled screen is unlikely to get a sizer resolution boost its brightness could be vastly improved with the help of arc rival.

And valued partner samsung let’s just hope there are also other meaningful non-pro upgrades in the pipeline so do you plan to upgrade to the new iphone 14 this year and if so which model do you find the most interesting your answers as always you can leave in the comment section below i will definitely read everything and i will answer the most interesting comments.


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