Asus ROG Delta S Wireless review: Fantastic comfort for hours

Asus has added another headset to its Delta line-up – a wireless headset that’s built for comfort and convenience.

We’ve tested and reviewed the wired, high-resolution sound ROG Delta S previously, but now there’s a wireless version that offers more freedom and the option to use it on PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, thanks to an included USB-C wireless dongle and Bluetooth.

What’s the ROG Delta S Wireless like in the real world, though? And is that wireless connectivity worth the extra outlay
The ROG Delta S Wireless is an interesting proposition. The headset offers a number of enjoyable features, including loud sound, superb comfort and the convenience of both wireless and Bluetooth.

With some tweaking, the headset does also sound very good. By offering an excellent range of settings for gaming and other listening experiences, as well, it means there are plenty of sound options here.

Unfortunately, the beamforming microphones don’t really stand up against the competition of boom mics and dedicated USB or XLR microphones, but they do still make for a convenient option should you need them.

All told, this headset has a nice balance of features, specs and comfort, and it’s certainly worth considering alongside the market’s other top wireless options.
We thoroughly appreciated the ROG Delta S for its comfort, and the Delta S Wireless pleases in many of the same ways. As a wireless headset, the Delta S Wireless naturally weighs a smidge more than its wired counterpart (18g more, if you’re interested), but it’s cleverly designed to keep your ears and head happy.

Firstly, the headset has D-shaped ergonomic ear cushions. These cushions are more naturally shaped to fit your ears and are also large and deep enough to cover them nicely, too. There are two lots included in the box. A pair of 100 per cent protein leather ear cushions hat block out a wonderful amount of surrounding noise, and the slightly more open-feeling mixed earcups.

The latter are fabric on the outside and protein leather on the inside, which means you can keep cool during use but still block a small amount of environmental noise. They’re easy to swap, too, with a small lip around the driver holding onto the inside of the cushion. This means you have a choice to play around with them and adjust to your personal preference.
The top of the headband is really nicely padded, as well, so it sits comfortably on the head, and the lightweight design means it’s easy to wear for hours and hours. We found the headband extends nicely and has a loose clamping force that’s well balanced, so it doesn’t fly off the head but isn’t overly tight, either.

The overall result is a comfortable fit and a satisfying immersion into the sound. So, you can focus on your game, rather than your surroundings.

The Delta S wireless offers a choice of 2.4Ghz wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, which we should also mention. There’s a small USB-C dongle included with the headset, and this is nicely stored in one of the earcups.

That dongle can be plugged into your PC’s USB-C port, or you can use the included adapter to connect it to a USB-A port, instead. It’s worth noting that we couldn’t get the headset to play music from an Android phone with that dongle, but other devices will work with Bluetooth if needed.


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