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CONFIRMED iPhone 14 Specs – Crazy Leaks

Every year we see new iphones newer and better iphones in the past few years we have seen some changes some big ones some small ones but with every year the iphone undoubtedly gets better last year we saw the most powerful camera system in any phone along with a 120hz pro motion display and the best battery life ever in an iphone not to forget the most powerful iphone chip ever but apple has to keep evolving which means new year new iphone let’s see what the new iphone 14 series will bring to the table and should you be excited for it we all love the iphone for various reasons maybe for the convenience.

it offers or for the best-in-class camera but we all hate it for one and one reason alone the notch we got the notch in the year 2017 along with the iphone 10 and it has stayed ever since ignoring the small subtle change of shortening the notch we have pretty much seen the same screen design for the past five years now but it’s this year that we say rib to the notch almost this year we’ll be seeing four new iphone models the 14 pro the 14 pro max the 14 and the 14 max that’s right the mini is being replaced by the max however the non-pro models look all set to go ahead with the display notch just like the iphone 13 and that’s where the trouble begins last year apple introduced the promotion to the pro models a stunning 120 hertz refresh rate screen which.

can drop to 10 hertz when required but the iphone 13 stuck with the same 60hz refresh rate this year the pro and non-pro models will have some even more significant differences and let’s get to the biggest one the processor this year the non-pro models are likely to include the same old a15 bionic chip and only the pro models will get the a16 bionic chip which we’ll get to in a second let’s talk about the non-pro models first if apple does decide to go out with the same chipset what does that mean for the iphone 13 apple usually discontinues the last year’s pro models and sticks with the non-pro ones we saw that when the iphone 11 series was launched the 10s and tennis max were discontinued and the 10 hours stayed when the 12 series was launched the 11 pro and pro max were discontinued.

but the 11 stayed same was the case when we saw the 13. but what will be the case this year if apple continues with the tradition why would somebody go for the more expensive 14 when you can get an almost identical 13 at a much lower price will apple call it the 13s and discontinue the 13 or will they include some key changes like pro motion or some better camera systems which will make it way better than the 13. we don’t know but i hope apple knows what they are doing now coming back to the pro models bloomberg’s mark government reported that the iphone 14 pro will finally finally finally feature the always on display but the 14 series is going to miss it talking about the design we are expecting a few changes in the iphone 14 range a 6.1 inch display in iphone 14 and 14 pro and a 6.7 inch display in the 14 max and 14 pro max also john prosser reported that the iphone 14 or the 14s.

if you may will look like an iphone 12 combined with an iphone 4 which means we’ll get that iconic black and silver flat edged body with rounded volume buttons supposedly the size of the 14 pro could be made from titanium which would make it stronger than the last year’s iphones and expensive whereas the back would retain the glass but seemingly with a saturn-like finish along with that the pro models are expected to feature a bigger and better 48 megapixel primary camera sensor that can use pixel binning to take way less noise images even in low light conditions this same sensor may allow iphone to take 8k videos apart from that the front camera is also expected to get some major upgrades a bigger f 1.9 aperture compared to the f 2.2 and autofocus support these devices are expected to have a bigger battery.

if not the same and apple’s very own 5g model for color options a source has confirmed midnight starlight and product red as usual with the current blue being swapped out for a lighter sky view and an introduction of a new purple option however that leak has since been deleted so we don’t know how reliable that is the new iphones like every year will launch in september september 13 to be specific if you are going by the gossips on twitter either way september is long away but wwdc is tonight are you excited if you want to know what products and features to expect do.


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