Corsair K70 RGB Pro review: Keyboard dreams

(Pocket-lint) – The K70 RGB Pro is another variant of Corsair’s K70 line-up of mechanical gaming keyboards with some added flair that includes an 8,000Hz polling rate – i.e. it takes 8000 milliseconds for a command to go from ‘board to PC, so it’s super fast – along with a standard bottom row layout, dedicated media keys, up to 20 layers of RGB lighting, and more. So how does it hold up for gaming?

Our quick take

The K70 RGB Pro is a great addition to Corsair’s the line-up, with all the classic things we’ve come to know and love from this keyboard series, plus some new tech advancements too that make it super responsive.

We wish there was a bit of factory lube on the stabilisers and maybe some dampening foam to eliminate that ‘ping’ from larger keys. But that’s our only (small) complaint about what is otherwise a great keyboard for the money.

So if you’re looking for a full-size gaming keyboard that’s fast, fancy looking, and has stacks of reprogrammability, Corsair provides a great option here.

With that in mind, it’s built to be fast. As we said up top: its 8,000Hz hyper-polling means your key presses are registered swiftly and accurately. For context: this tech means it’ll register your inputs eight times faster than most other keyboards. So if you’re serious about your fast-paced gaming and need to know you can rely on your keyboard then this is one option to go for. Low latency and high accuracy is the name of the game here.

You also have a choice of switches when purchasing, as the K70 RGB Pro is available with everything from Cherry MX Speed RGB to MX Red, MX Brown, MX Blue and MX Silent switches. Most gamers will favour MX Red or speed switches for gaming, but it’s certainly nice to have a selection of switches available.

We used the MX Red RGB switches during our testing and found them pleasant enough for both typing and gaming. The only discernible downside here is the sound of the stabilisers. We found both the spacebar and enter key have a noticeable ‘ping’ when pressed, especially if you’re mashing buttons quickly in the heat of a frantic gaming session.

This is a fairly common problem with gaming keyboards and not limited to the K70 RGB Pro. However, once we noticed it, we couldn’t stop hearing it. It doesn’t harm the typing experience though. Especially if you’re fully immersed in-game audio or listening to music while you work.

In the software you can open up a world of other possibilities. You can reprogramme keys quite easily and it’s possible to do simple things like disable certain keys (such as caps lock, for example) or programme macros. You can also setup a “modifier” while doing this, which means that you can assign a secondary action to most keys that can then do something different.

Setting Fn as a modifier, for example, we could then set another key to an entirely different key mapping, macro or other. This opens up plenty of other possibilities and allows for dedicated macro keys, without additional hardware keys on the keyboard. Clever stuff.

The Corsair K70 RGB Pro has 8MB of onboard memory, which means you can craft as many as 50 different profiles with different settings in the iCue software. This includes reprogramming keys and recording and assigning macros too.

If things get serious, then no need to fret as there’s a button at the back of the keyboard near the USB port. If you flip this on, it enables tournament mode, which disables the RGB lighting and all macros, so that you can focus on serious play with default settings. You also don’t need to worry about iCue running, so you can close that if you’re worried about it negatively impacting system performance.


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