DJI Mini 3 Pro review: Small size, big features

The Mini 3 Pro is an entirely different beast from what we’ve seen previously from DJI, shelling the entry-level tag of its predecessors and offering a truly compelling option for all comers.

With the original Mavic Mini, released back in 2019, DJI produced an impressive video and photography drone that fell into the all-important sub-250g weight category required to bypass drone restrictions. To do so, though, the company removed some of the features found on its larger, heavier and more premium options.

With a lower-spec camera and fewer sensors, then, the first Mavic Mini was more of an entry-level drone – with an entry-level price point to match. The introduction of the Mini 2 saw the specs improve, but there were still a lot of omissions in order to meet the weight criteria.

The third-gen model changes that, adding some of DJI’s most impressive features while also, crucially, remaining under 250g.

The amount of tech packed into this little quadcopter is truly staggering, so let’s take a look at what this mini marvel can do.
DJI has taken the majority of the features from its flagship drones and somehow squeezed them into something that folds into a footprint smaller than most smartphones, and is about as heavy as a hamster.

Not only does it make things easier when it comes to staying in line with local regulations, but it also makes it much less of a chore to carry and, therefore, actually get out of the bag and use more.

While certainly favouring function over form, the design updates are also incredibly smart, making the Mini 3 Pro an extremely versatile creative tool. The flight experience is second to none, and we were astonished at how well a craft of this size and weight could handle the wind. Throughout our testing, we found it easy and safe to fly, thanks to the abundance of sensors and autonomous flight modes. Finally, and maybe most importantly, the image produced is fantastic.

Our only wish is that it could be had for a little less cash, but we do feel the upgrades justify the increase in cost. So, as it stands, the Mini 3 Pro is our favourite drone to date.
There are more options than ever when it comes to choosing a Mini 3 Pro package. This includes a particularly exciting edition – one that comes with the all-new DJI RC standalone controller. Let’s take a quick look at what each option gets you.
First, there’s the option to buy the Mini 3 Pro with a single battery and no remote controller. You won’t be able to use it without a controller, but, since the Mini 3 Pro uses the same RC-N1 controller as the Mini 2, Air 2 and Mavic 3, those who already have a controller can save some money by buying it without. You’ll also get some basic accessories, such as the gimbal protector, spare propellers and screws, along with a type-C cable.
The most enticing and expensive variant comes with all the same kit but replaces the RC-N1 controller with the new DJI RC controller. This controller has a built-in 5.5-inch touchscreen display, which allows you to fly the drone without the use of your smartphone. Essentially, there’s a stripped-down Android phone built directly into the device, so, while it is expensive, it’s quite good value for the tech that’s included.


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