Epos H6Pro Open acoustic gaming headset review: Accessible sound, superb comfort

The Epos H6Pro Open is a 3.5mm wired headset designed to work with PC, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and more.

Available in two different models, with a choice of either an open or closed-back design, this pairing provides different sound profiles and levels of passive noise cancellation depending on your preference. We’ve reviewed the Epos H6Pro Closed model before, so now it’s the turn of the H6Pro open.

We’ve been using it on PC while gaming, working, listening to Spotify, watching Netflix and more to bring you our thoughts.
It’s comfortable and features a superb open sound profile. It’s also good looking, solidly crafted and works with a number of devices, thanks to that 3.5mm connection.

If you want a headset that blends an open design with hints of closed-back style – and one without compromise – then this might well be it.
Like the Epos H6Pro Closed, the open-back variant is available in several colours, Racing Green, Ghost White and Sebring Black. It’s the black version that we’re reviewing here, but you’ll note it’s a mix of black and dark blue with a premium-looking finish.

The Epos H6Pro Open is a very similar looking headset to the Closed version, with almost identical specs under the hood.

This headset boasts 42mm drivers, which are far from the largest we’ve seen. The Audeze Mobius, for example, has 100mm drivers, and several other gaming headsets have 50mm. But size isn’t everything, and these are still wonderfully capable and loud drivers with great sound. They can manage a decent frequency response (between 20-20,000Hz) and have a great soundscape.
As you’ve no doubt gathered already, the open-back design means this headset has a wider, more natural-sounding audio profile than closed-back headsets. This means it blocks out less noise than the Epos H6Pro Closed, and also has a sound profile that feels a bit hollow at first. It’s not tinny, and there’s great bass response, but it isn’t as warm and all-encompassing as the H6Pro Closed.

We found this open-back headset to offer a richer sound than the Audio-Technica ATH-GDL3, but that headset has a much more open-back, earcup design. And it’s that factor that makes the H6Pro Open appealing in our minds. It has an open design, but not one that feels hollow or flimsy in the hand.

Being open-back, this headset lets in some surrounding sound, but not as much as other open headsets we’ve tried. In fact, it strikes a nice balance of delivering an open sound profile while not letting the outside world spoil your gaming experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed this headset for music, movies and games, too. It doesn’t have surround sound like other headsets (though you could always use Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic sound), yet it delivers great audio and a convincing soundscape. Positional audio is decent, as well, assuming the game is mastered well.
Style and comfort are two areas the Epos H6Pro shines. It boasts a solid build and an excellent look and feel. It’s also light, but without feeling flimsy or brittle. It’s lighter than the Closed model, too, sitting at 309g, compared to the 322g, so it’s even more comfortable to wear.

The headset has some nice padding and a wonderfully flexible headband, with the earcups also hinged to ensure they’ll easily turn and tilt to cover the ear with excellent clamping force.

The Epos H6Pro Open has a D-shaped earcup design that fits perfectly over the ear. It uses material earcups with soft padding that’s different from the faux leather on the Closed model, meaning you hear more sound from the world around you (including your own voice) without suffering from overly hot ears.


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