Glorious Model I review: Featherweight champion

Glorious has plenty of affordable mice for PC gamers to consider, but the Model I is immediately appealing for a number of reasons – not just the price.

At first glance, we appear to have a feature-rich, lightweight gaming mouse with an ergonomic design akin to the popular Razer Basilisk Ultimate and the Logitech G502. These factors, coupled with that all-important low price tag, make it one of the more intriguing options in this competitive market.

What’s it like to actually game with, though, and how does it compare to like-minded competitors? We’ve been playing with it to find out.

The Glorious Model I ticks plenty of boxes we typically look for in a gaming mouse.

It’s affordable, yet packs in some gamer-pleasing specs, interesting features and a great-looking design, too. We thoroughly appreciated the large frame, its comfortable ergonomic shape and the mass of buttons, as well, even if we do also accept it may not be a shape that suits everyone’s taste.

All told, the Model I is a great option with lots of appeal. It’s a brilliant and affordable alternative to the likes of the Logitech G502.

The first thing that struck us about the Glorious Model I is its shape. It’s bigger than a lot of the other mice we’ve tried lately – both larger and longer – and so it naturally fits better in bigger hands. It has a pleasant ergonomic fit, too, with a sloping side and comfortable wrist rest.
Naturally, this design means it only works for right-handed gamers, but it’s certainly comfortable – especially for the palm grippers out there.

Like other Glorious mice, it’s also full of holes in order to keep the weight down, and that means it weighs in officially at just 69 grams (with a little variance – ours was 72g, as shown above). It’s wired, but we found the attached cable is floppy, flexible and lightweight enough to ensure that you don’t really notice it when gaming.
The hole-ridden body makes it easy to grip onto, we found, as does the matte finish, which also doesn’t pick up too much in the way of oils or grime while you play. We’ve been using the black model during our testing, and certainly found there weren’t any issues with it getting dirty.
These two changeable buttons are held on with magnets and require a fair bit of convincing to come off. And that’s a good thing, really, because you certainly don’t want them popping off in the middle of a gaming session. There are various shapes to replace them with, as we say, and you also have the option to use a blanking plate, instead.

We were a bit disappointed that you couldn’t change all the buttons, but it is a nice touch to have the option to change the shape of them. The button action is also satisfying, and you get a good response out of each of them, though we did also notice that there is a difference in the sound of each – something to keep in mind if you’re fussy about the feedback.


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