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Google is working on their next Flagship Device

So this is the pixel 7 series and this is something which can give a tough fight to the apple iphone 14 pro max and oneplus 10 ultra so ac pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro code name cheetah and panther are coming with similar design like pixel 6 and 6 pro yes we have same rectangular frame same flat display in the pixel 7.

But is slightly smaller overall than the pixel 6 so yes can see same display design with center hole punch selfie shooter same rear finish the cyclops style module containing a few cameras and sensor the max out pixel 7 pro is slightly small too but you won’t find much difference in terms of design language and in size in 6 series versus the pixel 7 series.

Now hear me out on this one this may look same and boring but the main change is the hardware so the sensor size is quite huge and this may mean we may see a large and new camera sensor yes this will allow the pixel 7 series to capture more light and take some high resolution photos the main highlight of this device is samsung made tensor gs201 silicon.

Which i guess is gonna contain powerful cpu and amd rdna 2 graphics yes i know samsung exynos 2200 is not as powerful as a gen1 but in tensor silicon will see new titan security chair pixel visual core isp new npu machine learning and whatnot so you should not compare exynos cpu vs tensor cpu cores this silicon in itself is way advanced samsung exynos the icing on cake there’s new samsung modem and a13 os out of the box.

So all in all the pixel 7 series is a huge competition to the apple iphone 14 pro max cause apple is going all out they are using a new eye shape hole on front which may look not good in terms of design but they got the secure face authentication system inside max out specifications and this all with super strong a16 cpu so the notch is now gone apple’s ios and silicon is powerful than ever but google is not holding anymore.

The pixel 7 series is gonna contain second gen tensor cpu with amd gpu and they know how to optimize the hardware and software not to mention in terms of cameras the pixel 6 series still can shoot amazing images and i guess the pixel 7 series is gonna push the boundaries this time some news on pixel watch and we’re os 3 the pixel watch is delayed once again and is coming with the pixel 7 series.

Late this year here are some images of interface of the pixel watch os and can be seen the pixel watch is gonna have circular finish so the interface is gonna look like this samsung is helping google for the vros3 and it’s of course gonna have the material you finish so i just cannot wait to see both these exciting devices this all guys thanks so much for watching your thoughts in the comment section.


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