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Google Pixel 6 Pro: 5 best and 5 worst things

The google pixel 6 pro was one of the most if not the most hyped phone of 2021. while i finish up our long-term review taking a look at some of the great and not so great things about the 6 pro starting off with the good stuff this is the most premium looking and feeling pixel yet it’s a glass and polished aluminum sandwich with a two-tone finish on the back surrounding a visor-like camera array and then there’s that very attractive 6.7 inch 120hz qhd plus oled display the phone is well built.

It’s solid and you can tell that google wasn’t messing around when putting this thing together next the cameras this was clearly making the list as this continues the trend of excellent image quality from a pixel device with an updated set of cameras you can expect to get great results in pretty much any condition there’s improved low light performance better zoom shots with a telephoto lens crispy ultra wide angle shots and there are a couple of new features like action pan long exposure and magic eraser.

The pixel remains among the absolute best when it comes to cameras pixelized android continues to get better and smarter along with a big big visual overhaul with material you and its dynamic theming and whatnot you also get new quality of life features added to the mix things like privacy dashboard the personal safety app automatic call screening wait times and direct my call in the phone app live translate the new universal search system that’s built into the launcher the assistant that’s getting smarter and a lot more to top it off google is promising three years of os upgrades and five years of security patches.

As for speed and performance there really isn’t anything to worry about here both normal everyday use and power user usage are no sweat for google’s new tensor chip google is focusing on a number of things with this chip including hardware optimization for a faster google assistant and better performance with ai and machine learning there’s no doubt that the 6 pro is among the snappiest of phones out there right now battery life has been quite good both in my experience.

As well as ryan’s experience he put together our written review for the 6 pro i’ve been able to clock in around seven to eight hours of screen on time with moderate use and around six and a half hours of screen on time with heavy use which includes a lot of gps and mobile data usage high screen brightness multitasking video and music streaming lots of picture and video taking a couple games here and there so on and so forth the large battery and software optimization has made for real solid performance across the board just wanted to take a quick second to thank dbrand for supporting the channel and sponsoring.

They make awesome skins cases and screen protectors for a wide variety of devices these are great if you want to both protect and switch up the look and feel of your tech make sure you check them out using the very first link in the description alright so on the flip side the pixel 6 pro is a large phone and we understand that a lot of people will be fine with this but we also understand that a lot of people may not be sure the large display is gorgeous.

But ease of use does take a hit as this phone’s footprint rivals that of the note 20 ultra and the s21 ultra this phone is a two-hander for sure and you’ll more than likely be doing some hand gymnastics to reach the top and different corners of the screen while the cameras are great they’re obviously not perfect and one thing we found annoying was lens flare on its own lens flare is normal it happens but with the pixel 6 pro we found it to be pretty aggressive in our testing.

It’s unfortunate because it can often take away from or flat out ruin a really nice shot let’s hope google addresses this the 6 pro houses an optical in-display fingerprint scanner the first in a pixel phone and well it shows because unfortunately this scanner is far behind what we’ve experienced with other phones in pretty much every sense mainly speed and consistency google has pushed out an update i have yet to receive it but from what i’ve seen results have been fairly mixed some say the update didn’t do much and some say the update has helped out either way.

It’s unfortunate that the scanner isn’t up to par with what we’ve seen even years ago now i know i mentioned battery life in the more positive category and the reason why i’m mentioning it here is because not everyone has been so lucky with battery performance on their 6 pro i’ve seen people experience great results and i’ve seen people experience really poor results obviously use is going to be different among users.

So not everyone will experience the same thing but when battery life ends up on the negative side it’s clearly deeper on that end than it should be especially in a phone with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery i feel results should definitely be more consistent than what we’ve seen the 6 pro’s charging speeds peak at 22 watts and not 30 watts like we thought it would and based on tests conducted by android authority using google’s own 30 watt charger.

We see that once the phone reaches a 50 charge it’ll fall from 22 watts to 15 watts and then even lower than that as the phone aims to hit a 100 charge this means that a complete zero to 100 charge can take nearly or pretty much exactly two hours to finish google does have an explanation for this but it goes without saying that this is a clear disappointment seeing as how a number of other phones charge much much faster now there’s so much more to talk about with the pixel 6 pro so make sure you keep.


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