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Google Pixel 6A – IT’S COMING

Google pixel 6a retail box leak may have just confirmed the design we expect so far various reports have suggested that google is preparing to soon debut the budget version of the pixel 6 series smartphones dub the google pixel 6a we know quite a bit about google’s upcoming mid-range phone already and now another pixel 6a leak is corroborating.

What we’ve already learned a picture has been shared by techson that’s supposed to show the pixel 6a’s retail box indicating that the launch might indeed happen sooner rather than later maybe right in time for google i o 2022 the image doesn’t really show us anything new about the pixel 6a but it confirms what we previously learned about it.

If the picture is real it is another indicator that the pixel 6a is reusing the same design first introduced by the pixel 6 and 6 pro with a nexus 6p like camera visor decorating the very top of the bat based on the reflections the depiction of the black foam on the box is showing we’re almost inclined to think that the back is made of glass though it could.

Also be glossy plastic as what we’ve seen on parts of the pixel 3a’s back the sides could either be plastic or coated aluminum though previous rumors have pointed at an all plastic design when you look closely you’ll additionally notice a faint pill-shaped outline around the two cameras in the visor which would be in line with the previously leaked.

Renders we’ve seen the led on the right is coming in the style that was indicated by previous renders with the pixel 6 a losing the microphone hole and the laser autofocus in its proximity compared to the pixel 6. other than that this leaked retail box is basically a picture-perfect copy of the pixel 6 packaging at least from the parts we can see the google logo is at the same center.

Top position with the pixel 6a name right below it all that said we need to take this leak with a healthy dose of skepticism coming to the specifications previous leaks have indicated that the smartphone will feature a 6.2 inch oled display and will feature an under display fingerprint sensor similar to the pixel 6 and 6 pro this one too will be powered by the google tensor chipset.

And have 128gb of internal storage in the camera department there will be a 12.2 megapixel sony imx 363 primary sensor and a 12 megapixel sony imx 355 ultra wide angle lens the front-facing camera on the device will be housed inside a punch hole cloud teksine has only started publishing in december 2021 from what we can see and it doesn’t seem like the publication has had any exclusive pixel leaks of this caliber in the past the low quality of the image doesn’t exactly help the case.

As it makes it easier to conceal potential counterfeits however given that the design of the depicted phone lines up with previous leaks and the box doesn’t look grossly fake we’re inclined to think that this is what the pixel 6 a packaging might actually look like so what do you guys think about this new leak for pixel 6a will it be a great option for the mid-range segment let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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