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Google Pixel 6a’s Retail Box has been leaked online

So hi everyone the live image of the google pixel 6a retail box has been laid online but before that the pixel 6a is largely expected to be announced during google’s io conference in may the phone will of course by the company’s second entry in its expensive smartphone series following the 5k which was released last year the image of the pixar 6a retail packaging was uploaded by a tactics in a new tech centric site the box looks similar to the pixel 6x.

With google logo in the top center and the device picture directly below it in comparison to the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro the google pixel 6a appears to have a tiny and thin camera module the pixel 6a has a dual camera configuration and an led flash as shown in the image it’s black and does not have a dual tone finish both the top and bottom are the same color in terms of the phone.

Debut date which will be internationally released in the month of may there is no official information available regarding the precise date of the smartphone’s release according to the report the smartphone will include a tensor powered processor and the name of the chipset is dancer gs101 which the company has also offered with its already released pixel 6 smartphone the pixel series has always been a midfield phone.

So it will be good to see google use the newest transfer cpu in the pixel a series similar to what apple did with the se series in terms of other features the freezer 6a will have a loss setting of only 6.2 inches with an oled display although it will be somewhat smaller than its predecessor the pixel 5a the smartphone’s apparent also indicates that it will be very identical to that of the pixel 6 according to some rumors the smartphone camera will be the same as the pixel 6 although others claim.

That the pixel 6a will use the imx 363 processor scene in all previous pixel evolves that may reduce its chances of being the greatest cheap phone in 2022 given that the dancer will be a little out of date by that after all on the iphone se3 which is powered by apple’s top cpu is filing to find consumer and b this might be due to its outdated design however we do need to learn.

All this with the one in that this could be a pizza 6 box that’s been made to look like a pixel 6 airbox with the photo editing not only is the barcode blur out so we can not check the serial number but the back of the phone in the lead photo is rather glossy suggesting estimate of glass like that of the pixel 6 rather than the plastic black pixel a series phone have used since their foundation nevertheless while device is the design.

Of the pixel 6 certainly different sourcing it carried over to the pixel 6a would be no bad thing so what are your thoughts on pixel 6a are you looking forward to experiencing the new android well with the new pixel touch let me know in the comment section.


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