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Google Pixel 7 Pro has also been revealed in hands

Google Pixel 7 Pro Wait, What? So a couple of days ago we got this wild leak of the Pixel 7 that showed someone got access to a prototype of the Pixel 7 and he was selling it on eBay, four months before the phone officially launches in October. How the seller obtained these devices isn’t known yet, but he quickly took down the listing after the story went viral. Now, a couple of days later we got another leak but this time it’s the bigger brother, the Pixel 7 Pro, and the backstory here is more interesting than the leak itself which by the way, is the first-ever real look at the Pixel 7 Pro.

But first, let’s take a look at the handset, it looks exactly like what Google showcased at the I/O. But unlike the camera visor on the Pixel 7 which has a textured aluminum bar, this one on the Pixel 7 Pro has a glossy aluminum finish which honestly looks better. The handset looks virtually identical from the front, curved screen on the sides and a punch hole at the top. Even the bezel size looks the same. The screen shows it has 12GB with 256GB of internal storage. Cheetah by the way is the codename for the Pixel 7 Pro.

Now how did he get it? Well, he purchased the handset on the Facebook marketplace and he didn’t even know that he was getting a Pixel 7 Pro prototype. The seller presumably the same guy who was selling the Pixel 7 on eBay, listed the Pixel 7 Pro as Pixel 6 Pro, And this guy bought it thinking he was getting the Pixel 6 Pro and for 3 weeks he didn’t even realize that it’s not a Pixel 6 Pro. Until he noticed the device acting weird and then rebooting back to the bootloader screen where it is now stuck. It’s highly likely when the story of the Pixel 7 Prototype getting sold went viral a couple of days, Google decided to do some damage control and locked his device today and even remote wiped it which they can certainly do to a prototype that was never supposed to be sold in the first place.

We’re even getting information that the guy who is selling these prototypes is being visited by Police suggesting the seller is in big legal trouble. Wild times indeed. By the way, apart from that camera design everything else is expected to remain the same including the specifications. The only difference is it’s going to get a new chipset and possibly a host of new software features. Moving on, we have some information about the battery life of the Pixel watch and it’s not good.

9to5Google reports citing their sources that the Pixel watch will last up to a day on a single charge which is on par with other wearOS watches. Even the Apple watch gives about a day of battery life. But my Galaxy Watch 4 lasts more than two days so the battery life on the Pixel watch seems disappointing. Coupled with a four-year-old chipset, it’s difficult to be excited about this watch, to be honest.


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