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Google Pixel 7 Pro Rumors and Leaks

The pixel 7 likely won’t launch until the fall but there is already a fair amount of rumors and leaks popping up for google’s next big flagships of course i’ll tell you everything right now hi it’s ausean and before i start i suggest you subscribe to my channel and ring the bell let’s discuss the news renders for the pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro from on leagues show two similar phones the design is similar to the pixel 6 but there are some subtle differences.

These include an invisible punch hole in the front which could point to an under display camera and double cut out for the main ultrawide cameras housed within the camera bar when i first saw google pixel 7 renders have been leaked by david kowalski i thought they could actually be for the rumored google pixel 6a because the dimensions pointed to a smaller display than the current pixel 6. however it does look like google may indeed be shrinking the pixel 7 down a bit to 6.3 inches according to rossian from 6.4 inches on the pixel 6.

The pixel 7 pro will apparently be the same size as the pixel 6 pro so measuring 6.7 inches for colors the base pixel 7 has been rumored to come in black white coral and blue no leaks have detailed which colors the pixel 7 pro will be offered in but if these renders are anything to go by a sky blue option would suit the pro phone nicely there are a couple of ways google could improve the displays of the pixel 7 series first off brightness google has fitted the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro with surprisingly dim displays being unable to see your smartphone’s display properly.

Is inarguably a bad scene so if google could crank up the brightness of the pixel 7’s display a few hundred more nits that would be one of the pixel 6 series worst areas fixed the other potential area of improvement would be specs of the standard pixel 7 model screen while the pixel 6 pro offers 120 hertz the standard pixel 6 only offers 90 hertz that’s better than the 60 hertz that used to be all you’d get from a smartphone but given the phones cheaper than pixel 6 can offer 120 hertz i’d like to see google do it too upping the pixel 6 full hd resolution to a quad hd like the pro.

Would also be beneficial but isn’t as a big deal i’d like to see google ditch the curved display for a flat one on the pixel 7 pro google didn’t use a curved display prior to the pixel 6 pro so there is a chance this design choice will not be returned if enough pixel 6 users complain the only issue then will be ergonomics as curved edges help users interact with the display of the large 6.8 inch handset google has arguably short changed the pixel 6 by only giving it two rare cameras it’s the same amount that the pixel 5 and pixel 4 had and also.

What the bass iphone 13 and certain mini offer but it’s still disappointing given some premium phones are now offering up to four cameras plus a depth sensor the obvious choice for the third camera on the base pixel 7 would be a telephoto lens even if its magnification wouldn’t match the 4x optical zoom of the pro model a bab’s camera for more accurate portrait shots and improved augmented reality performance or a dedicated micro camera for super close up shots could also make for a good addition this is something i’d always like to see with every new generation of given phone series but it’s more important for the pixel 7 series.

Than most despite having the largest batteries ever in pixel phone proved to have disappointing longevity when connecting to the internet over 5g given the capacity of the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro’s batteries it doesn’t seem like the batteries are too small instead google probably need to focus on using power it has available within the cells efficiently speedier charging is again something every phone should aim to improve on and while google did improve this with the pixel 6 more work is needed to make it proper competitor.

After years of using 18 volts charging the pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro can charge up to 30 watts wired and 23 watts wireless but despite having a fairly high charging wattage in tests the pixel 6 only reached 29 full after half an hour of charging on third-party 30 watts charger that’s not that fast especially factoring in phones like oneplus 9 series which charges at almost full in half an hour it’s possible that pixel 6 charges much faster if you use a plug from google.

Itself but as it stands this is disappointingly slow google could do with increasing the voltage of its charger for the pixel 7 or perhaps using a twin cell battery like the oneplus 9 to allow faster feeling at the same wattage google’s phone release schedule has proven fairly reliable over the past few years therefore without any more specific rumors to go off of i’d bet on google unveiling the pixel 7 in october 2022 along with google pixel watch at least according to one rumor.

It’s possible that it could launch earlier than that too based on analyst ross young saint display parts for the pixel 7 will ship months earlier than the pixel 60 in 2021 as for cost i really hope google keeps the pricing low like it has for the pixel 6 series with the pixel 6 at 699 and the pixel 6 pro at 8.99 these two phones undercut their flagship rivals by hundreds of dollars google will tempt a lot of users away from other android brands if it can offer the next generation of pixels.

At a similar level so what are your expectations of google’s next flagship your answers as always you can leave in the comment section below i will definitely read everything i will answer the most interesting comments.


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