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Google Pixel 7 Pro Smartphone which is already leaked

Google pixel 7 and the 7 pro could be a true flagship in android world in the second half of the 2022 because right now every flagship company is facing the thermal management and hitting issue just because the snapdragon 801 is causing these problem there are certain hopes that in the second half of the 2022 qualcomm will be bringing the snapdragon 8gen1 plus.

Which will solve those hitting issues and along with that brings some much improvement and google could have a chance to be using this processor give us an edge over the flagship that has been announced in the first half so it will be a good benefit for google as you already know that last year pixel devices were coming with a new unique design a new processor and now this here google pixel 7 and the 7 pro could be coming with a similar design the render images.

That has been leaked give us a detail that the design of the upcoming pixel 7 and the 7 pro could be looking exactly same as the pixel 6 and 6 pro both from the front and the back side but what is interesting about this new pixel 797 pro according to the leaks that the internals of the device will be upgraded as you already know that google for the first time has introduced a tensor chipset inside a device and that was based on exynos there are certainly many issues right now for the tensor chips one of the biggest one was the heating issues.

That has been facing so in this ear pixel 797 pro we could expect google will improve that heating issues another big issue that has arrived for pixel 6 and 6 pro was the software as you already know that the pixel 6 and the 6 pro were coming with a buggy software google will also be thinking to improve that so in order to tackle that google have to have some much of control for their processor according to the leak that pixel 7 and 7 pro will be coming with a new gs202 which is the code name for the processor.

And it will be called as tensor2 to be coming although we did not know about its internet specification but adjusting upon the lost ear processor we could expect that it will be based on the exynos architecture maybe the latest exynos processor could be coming into the pixel 7 and 7 pro with an advanced variant if google wanted to improve their processor then they definitely wanted to improve the heating issues that has arrived in pixel 6.

And also they wanted to have a control over the isp as you already know that generally pixel device is giving us a better quality of images but lack of the control over the hardware pixel 6 images has been quite over sharpened so in order to tackle that google will also be bringing their new isp inside which will improve them and also it will allow them to compete with the apple in terms of video although we don’t know about the camera sensor.

Right now but we can expect that there could be a main and an ultra wide for the pixel 7 and a periscope quick zoom will be added in the pixel 7 pro both the devices will be coming with the gloss build both on the front and the back and do expect that there would be no charger inside the box so guys it is expected that we might see the google pixel 6 and 6 pro to be launching earlier than september because the iphone will be launching at that time and google wants to capitalize more market so we can expect earlier launch for pixel 7 and 7 pro.

Anyway guys as far as the pricing we do expect that the similar pricing could be coming for the pixel 7 and 7 pro for the last year so guys as a conclusion i think that if pricing is great and google will be bringing some improvement in the hardware and bringing some more features to the software side then definitely this could be a device that most people will be buying so guys that is in this particular video let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


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