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Google Pixel 7 Pro’s rumors are surfacing

So hey everyone it appears that the release month of google’s future flagship phone the pixel 7 series has been revealed google’s flagship pixel phones are released in the fall every year so we are probably still a few months away from the pixel 7.

However speculations are already calculating including a release date in october and current suspicion that the pixel 7’s display would be somewhat smaller than that of its predecessor with its flagship pixel 6 race google chose a risky new strategy that appears to have worked off garning the firm critical acclaim and commercial success.

At least for the tiny number of phones that were released the important reason was of course google’s own tensor cpu google is reportedly working on a next generation tensor processor for the next pixel device this shouldn’t come as a surprise to pixel fans given that google attempt to design its own chipset in the first place a process that is normally hard and expensive.

And two leaks from dependable tipster on leaks has given us a glimpse of what the pixel 7 and pixel 7 pro may look like in terms of design it appears like there will be little differences in terms of appearance with the main difference being that the camera position will be slightly moved to the left or right according to the pixel 7 leak the flagship would feature a display size of 6.2 to 6.4 inches which is somewhat larger than the 6.1 inches.

Samsung galaxy s22 and the predicted display size for the next iphone 14. it has a 250 megapixel rear camera and a punctual front camera this time a space saving technology in which selfie camera is incorporated into the screen rather than sitting above it the pixel 7 pro rendering similarly shows a punctual front camera but there are three rear cameras rather than two according.

To the source the phone would spot a 6.8 inches curved oled display comparable to the samsung galaxy s22 ultra and its s21 predecessor for years google’s flagship devices have been released around october even since the first generation pixel was presented to the world well except for the pixel 5 which was announced at the end of this september.

Bearing any deterioration in supply chain concerns and other micro wearables it’s possibly a fair bet that the pixel 7 will be released in october even leaker john procer tweeted that the pixel 7 and 7 pro will actually be released that month along with the pixel watch so what do you think about this pixel 7 series let me know in the comment section.


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