GoPro Hero 10 Black review

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the latest and greatest offering from the brand synonymous with action cameras.

And while the Hero 9 brought with it a dramatic redesign, the Hero 10 Black is – at least on the surface – more of an iterative update.

Despite the familiar looks, though, GoPro indicates that plenty has been put into the new Hero, billing it as the most powerful option it’s ever made.

We’ve been testing out the camera to see how much these tweaks improve on what was already the best action camera on the market.
If you want the best image quality possible from an action camera, the GoPro Hero 10 Black is without a doubt the camera to buy.

GoPro hasn’t reinvented the wheel with this release, but it has taken the best action camera available and improved on almost every feature. HyperSmooth stabilisation is the best in its class, and, if you love slow-motion, the blisteringly fast frame rates on offer here will delight you to no end.

As with the Hero 9 that came before it, we wish it wasn’t quite so bulky, but the size is understandable given the features and resolutions on offer.

Given all of the unique designs coming to the action camera market from the likes of DJI and Insta360, it’s also a little disappointing to see the same chassis used by GoPro. But, again, this tried and tested housing is very durable and the front screen often comes in handy. It just doesn’t quite have the wow factor of some of the competition.
The GoPro Hero 10 Black is almost identical to the Hero 9 Black, as we mentioned up top. The only visual changes are the blue logos on the front and side of the camera, which were grey on its predecessor.

It’s lost a marginal amount of weight, too, coming in a few grams lighter than the Hero 9. In practice, you’re unlikely to notice much of a difference, though we’re happy to see that the weight is coming down, as GoPro cameras have had a tendency to get heavier with each generational release.
The lighter weight hasn’t made the camera feel any less durable, either. It feels dense and solid in the hand, and we can imagine it standing up to some serious abuse – though, admittedly, we haven’t thrown ours off of a cliff just yet.

There’s now a hydrophobic coating on the lens protector, as well, which is designed to repel water droplets when filming in wet and wild conditions. We initially thought this was a bit of marketing nonsense, but it actually makes quite a big difference. Given how often GoPro cameras are often used for filming surfing, skiing and the like, this could come in very handy. The lens cover is the exact same size as the Hero 9’s, so if you were desperate for that hydrophobic coating, you could always pick up a replacement lens and stick it on your 9.\

Elsewhere, everything remains the same. You have a large side door that latches securely and covers the battery, USB-C port and micro SD card slot. Two metal mounting tabs fold out from the base, and you have a large touchscreen on the rear, as well as a smaller screen on the front of the camera.
In the photo department, we get a 3-megapixel boost over the last generation, and both HDR and RAW shooting options remain present. Images come out looking sharp and detailed, provided you have sufficient lighting. That said, low light is still a weak point on the Hero 10. You can also pull 19.6MP stills from your 5.3K 4:3 video footage, which allows you to select the perfect moment from a once-in-a-lifetime stunt.


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