Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro review: Luxury tracking

We’ve seen Huawei release plenty of smartwatches with a fitness focus in recent times, but none have arrived with the same emphasis on design as the Watch GT 3 Pro models.

In its latest return to the Watch GT 3 well, Huawei has produced two models to pick between – a 47mm titanium edition and a 43mm device built using ceramic. We’ll be covering both in this review.

On the surface, the duo boast many of the same features and tracking capabilities as the other two variations in the family, the Watch GT 3 and Watch GT 3 Runner.

So, just how much of a difference do those design tweaks make? And are these GT 3 Pro models a good alternative to the industry’s other sporty smartwatches? Let’s find out.
Our quick take

Like the Huawei watches that have come before it, the Watch GT 3 Pro is a very good fitness and health tracking watch. Even if it doesn’t feature many interactive elements, its overall tracking experience is far superior to that offered on most other smartwatches.

The battery life also sets it apart from other full-colour rivals, as do the luxury design and materials. And that’s really what you’re paying for with the ‘Pro’ model. Here, Huawei gives you a fitness and health experience comparable to a sports watch and puts it into what we think is probably the most attractive device in the category.

In function and performance, however, it’s not too different to the Watch GT 3. And this is a big reason to give it a miss. Though you do get a very different watch in feel and design, this may not be a huge priority for everyone – especially with the emphasis on using it for exercise.

It’s difficult not to recommend the GT 3 Pro if you do value looks, but keep in mind the likes of the Garmin Venu 2 and Apple Watch Series 7 as alternatives – particularly if you want to use plenty of third-party apps.
As mentioned, there are two different models of Watch GT 3 Pro, and the larger of the two is the titanium model. It’s similar in size to previous ‘Pro’ models, which means that it does feel larger on the wrist than others.
Being titanium means it’s not that shiny, polished mirror finish you’ll see on the stainless steel non-Pro model, and the case design is a bit more substantial, too. Its angled, chiselled look is very attractive, minimal and timeless, just as a traditional watch would be. It also doesn’t look or feel as thick and chunky as some of the older ‘Pro’ models, which is a big plus.

The completely flat, round display is covered with sapphire glass, which typically results in a more scratch-resistant and durable watch. The underside is finished with ceramic, meanwhile, with the domed optical centre rising out of the middle.

As for straps, there’s support for 22mm quick-release straps and bands of all types. However, when you buy the watch, you’ll get the choice of three ‘editions’.
The ‘Active’ edition comes with a fluoroelastomer strap, the ‘Classic’ will ship with leather and the ‘Elite’ comes with a titanium link band. This titanium band was the version we were sent to review, as you can see. And, as link bands go, it’s very nice, although it does suffer from the usual problems that arise with this style of bracelet.

Firstly, if you have arm hairs, they will get caught in the gaps and pulled, especially when putting the watch on. Secondly, metal doesn’t stretch, so getting a good fit isn’t as easy as it would be with leather or silicone. It’ll inevitably be too loose or too tight when you first put it on, and you’ll need to remove or add some of the links to get a good fit.

The good thing about Huawei’s approach to adjustment, however, is that you don’t need any special tools to make the strap longer or shorter. The removable links have a quick-release system so that all you need is your hands. It’s still a little fiddly to do, but it’s as easy as it gets for this type of band.


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