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Today guys it’s sam cole here favorite news apple boy here with the news because the news machine has been going crazy i think there’s somebody on the inside putting all these scoops out because there’s been so much to talk about lately so kicking off this episode today you guys remember this right here the the magsafe battery pack look at her shine and i will say i’m feeling improved rush today but this is clean as but why am i bringing this product up that has been out for almost a year now well out of the blue apple dropped a software update for this you guys know that this runs software i mean come on bro you’re up to date on all the news you know that everything has software ever refrigerators have software.

i think my microwave my elevators and my building had a software update and everything has software apparently and i know i’m phrasing this like it’s a bad thing but it’s actually cool because out of the gate this could only charge your phone at 5 watts so as soon as you put it on a magsafe iphone 12 or 13 it charges at 5 watts which in reality is extremely slow it’s the same speed you would get out of the original iphone charging brick you know the one i’m talking about so everybody was like okay this is super weird one that this has software number two that apple’s pushing updates out now but found out that apple increased the charging rate and apple themselves confirmed it in a support document.

apple says if you update your magsafe battery pack you can now charge at a whopping seven and a half watts now whopping i’m obviously joking that’s still really slow compared to an actual charger but it is 33 faster than the previous 5 watt charging and actually brings this in line to what third parties have been doing for a while making this honestly a much better value than before now is this gonna make me use it or have i used this at all since i bought it in any way since my initial review well you know it’s funny you say that apple homepods you guys have heard about those in fact i’ve got one hold on let me just let me scoop this up i’ll get it on the third try you guys remember these look at this another close-up shot honestly it’s fair if a lot of you don’t know what this is or i’ve ever seen it.

because apple discontinued it the only homepod they sell now is the homepod mini but this is the og1 that came out in 2018. now why did apple discontinue this the general consensus is that even 300 was just too much to justify the speaker and i honestly agree so you might say oh that’s cool it’s the end of the story homepod’s gone forever no there’s something really weird happening now chance miller at nine to five mac noticed something really weird on ebay the the homepod is appreciating in value that my homepod that i bought in 2018 for around 300 bucks is now worth a significant amount more than that especially if it’s new or unopened so if you go over on ebay right now you’ll notice immediately that even open home pods are selling for about two hundred dollars or two thirds of their initial manufacturer suggested retail pricing.

what apple sold it for which was again 300 bucks and if you’re someone that bought sealed or unopened ones they’re now going for five or six hundred plus dollars i think i’ve seen some in the thousands for these you can see i’m struggling with this one because apple discontinued it because no one was buying them and it was too expensive and now apparently the supply is so constrained that they’re skyrocketing in price because everyone wants to buy them it makes no sense and it’s just the perfect chapter for this product to end on i don’t know people are weird man the world is weird you know it’s not weird colors colors are great colors make me happy and colors are the reason that i live which is why today we are talking about what colors are coming on the iphone 14 we have gotten a full leak from somebody.

over on the chinese social network weibo that seems to know a thing or two about what’s coming and if you guys know i sometimes tie the background wallpaper into the video you might have a guess at what some of the new colors could be listen by now you guys have probably noticed how apple does colors which is all of the fun stuff the bright colors punchy in your face that really are the most attractive those go on the most affordable lower end models which will this year be the iphone 14 and the iphone 14 max but on the pro models we get some more subtlety here we get something for the coastal elite something that won’t be too much in our business meeting like this gorgeous silver hey maybe you don’t believe me but we can just look back over the past three years and i’ll show you clear as day in 2019 the fun stuff came on the iphone 11.

on the iphone 11 pro the only fun color if we can even call it that was midnight green same thing again on the iphone 12 we get all kinds of colors on the iphone standard series and then on the iphone 12 pro what do we get just pacific blue i will say though it did actually get a little bit better on the current 13 series they are still the most cool colors on these standard 13s but on the 13 pro we do not only have sierra blue but they also added the new green color as well so that of course brings us to now for the 14s and i want to jump into this rumor posted by our favorite source over on ybo oyvo sauce ovo you know oyvo sauce he’s been around here you know hitting up the six all day where my canadians at all right this is the new six god okay i’m hyped to show you guys these colors for both the 14 and the 14 pro let’s start off with the five new colors that apple will have on launch for the 14 which are midnight starlight blue product red and actually purple.

we’re gonna party too we’re purple yeah i love being purple bro purple is gonna be so good i remember when i saw this on the iphone 12 i was like i think i genuinely would have picked up that color it was just really nice everybody seemed to love it and it came late on the 12 but it sounds like it could come at launch on the 14. so only five colors at launch pretty standard two of which are just black and white which are obviously fine but i’m a big fan of the fun colors this is for the 14. all right now moving on to the 14 pro i don’t know about you guys but of course this is the one that i’m gonna opt for so the colors here as you’ve probably heard me allude to are always a bit more important for me and would you be shocked to learn that.

this is what we’re getting graphite silver and gold are coming on the iphone 14 pro wow it’s almost like we’ve seen these colors every year for as long as but guys we here hit apple have something truly extraordinary to share with the world today and i’d like to show it to you now here at apple we’ve been working extraordinarily hard to bring the best color ever to our pro users that need purple the most so that’s why we’re bringing purple to the iphone 14 pro line for the first time in apple’s history and here it is did you hear that we’re getting purple on the pro let’s go dude we’re getting purple on the pro that’s right guys for the special color on the pros this year it is going to be purple and from the description it apparently color shifts super dramatically in soft or harsh light it sounds like it could be the most unique color apple’s ever dropped now this is the official image that the account shared right.

here which is a obviously pretty quick photoshop but it gives you a good idea of obviously the subtlety here being again that this is a pro phone it’s not going to be burn your retinas out bright it’s going to be a little bit more professional but man i really like it and i think it’s dope that apple is going to put purple on both the 14 and the 14 pro i mean we saw how good it looked on the iphone 12 i can only imagine here’s one concept of course of how it’s going to look on the iphone 14. so i’m going with purple what are you guys getting let me know down below in the comments section throw a bunch of emojis out there so i know exactly what color you’re referencing let me know which shades any hues and graphic design hex codes you want to see there as well um that’s it for now that’s your latest on the iphone 14 i hope you’re doing well thanks.


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