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iPhone 14 Pro Max All Rumors and Leaks

Unfortunately things don’t always go as we would like for example millions of users around the world are waiting for that glorious day when apple will be able to get rid of the notch in the screen of their smartphones at the moment the forecasts do not sound so encouraging and now i’m going to tell you some details of this whole story hi it’s ausean let’s discuss the news the iphone 14 range could very quickly seem very odd as well the iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro mics are both widely rumored to have two camera cut outs on the front one being a circle the other pill shaped the design might only last for one generation according to their leg samsung display.

Is in the process of developing a new under panel camera technology which apple plans to use on the iphone 15 pro and pro max to hide the face id components under the display by the sound of syncs the actual camera will still be housed in a punch hall but that would mean apple would need just one small cutout like we see on many android phones rather than also having a second larger one the end result would be a less distinctive design but also perhaps a less divisive one and importantly it would allow for fewer interruptions in the screen while i take this claim.

With a pinch of salt for now this isn’t the first time i’ve heard it this reputable analyst minchikuo for example also saying back in april that the iphone 15 pro would have under display face id other high-profile leakers such as ross young and mark gorman have also claimed that apple will deliver under display face id sooner or later so it seems like it’s probably only a matter of time whether 2023 is a year or not but if it does happen as soon as 2023 then the iphone 14 pro could soon feel like the odd one out in apple’s range while under display face id sounds like a good idea.

It will only be a good scene if apple delivers it well and the early examples of under display cameras haven’t been great that’s partially down to their picture quality which isn’t a consideration with face id however another problem is that they are not actually totally hidden under the display they leave a small area that looks noticeably different to the rest of the display and while that’s arguably ultimately less distracting than a punch hole it’s also arguably uglier and certainly not a perfect solution i expect apple will avoid this reportedly it’s using new technology to hide face id.

So perhaps this new technology will solve the problem apple certainly isn’t the sort of a company to usually offer such an imperfect solution anyway and it could well be that the reason we’ve waited so long for the company to embrace under display tech is that it wants the face id components to be truly invisible according to john prosser and his front page tech video the iphone 14 will look like an iphone 12 crossed with an iphone 4. in that it will stick with flat edges but those edges could include a mute button and group of rounded buttons for volume central harking back to the iphone 4.

Supposedly the sides of the iphone 14 could be made out of titanium which could make it tougher and stronger than the previous iphones whereas the back would retain the glass finish but similarly with a saturn-like finish another design change potentially in the cards for the iphone 14 is the tree of rare cameras will no longer protrude from the iphone’s rare but it’s it flush with the back giving advancement in a camera sensor technology and lens manufacturing.

This could be a possibility but given some schematics that show the iphone 14 pro models with the raised camera array being even bigger on the iphone 14 pro and minty cool claiming that a larger module is needed to house a 48 megapixel camera it doesn’t look likely as a standard iphone 14 will get a set of cameras flush with its rear panel a good few rumors have the iphone 14 tipped to finally kill the display notch but as it stands it’s now looking like only the iphone 14 pro will be notchless opting for a combination of a single circular camera cut out and a pill cutout alongside.

It to hold the face id sensors however the standard iphone 14 is now not expected to kill the notch with steepsters suggesting the iphone range as whole will be notchless in 2023 a liquor on weibo has also posted alleged schematics for the iphone 14 pro showing the face id cutout next to the front-facing camera it seems divisive to me but this is early stages and the new suit of renders for the iphone 14 pro gives us another impression of what a post notch iphone could look like however it’s not looking like that this design will find its way over the standard iphone 14.

That could be a little disappointing as normal iphones have had to endure with a notch for four generations now as for other design changes renders thus far have the iphone 14 range to ditch the camera module in favor of a design that seems the camera integrated into the chassis like older smartphones used to have as well as samsung galaxy s22 ultra similar to the pro my smart price also obtained card renders of the regular iphone 14.

I assume that the iphone 14 max will also feature the same design in a body with a 6.7 inch display as you can see these renders don’t look a whole different than the iphone 13 we have now the notch is still slimmer and the rear cameras are stacked diagonally in fact it makes me wonder what’s truly going to be different about the iphone 14 leaker max weinbach who has a historical solid record posted alleged schematics for the iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max both show a 0.2 millimeter seeker phone with a larger camera bump interestingly enough the schematic shows that.

The iphone 14 pro and iphone 14 pro max won’t differ too much in height and bits with their predecessors this schematics also shows a new hole punch pill shaped cutouts so what do you think about the iphone’s notch do you really think it should be removed as soon as possible your answers as always you can leave in the comment section below i will definitely read everything and i will answer the most interesting comments.


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