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iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple’s next flagship smartphones

Of course the cupertino company apple has not yet presented its flagships in 2022 but the network already has the first information about what awaits us in 2023 and now i will tell you about everything in more detail greetings to everyone my name is assoznan and before we start let’s discuss the news apple is expected to have a true punch hold display.

iPhone next year when samsung will help attack the rest of the face id kit underneath the led display of the iphone 15 reports their lack in order to do this apple is reportedly resorting to samsung under panel camera technologies that made a cameo on the eternal screen of the galaxy’s at fault 3. there’s at fault 4 this year will still use the same technology.

But for that fault 5 samsung is allegedly developing a new under display camera technology in partnership with the canadians from oti lumionix their new solution results when an organic acid patterning material is part and deposited with a fine metal mask and then their node is deposited with an open metal mask to avoid the cpm thus the magnesium silver alloy node material can cover a place without cpmd position.

Letting light through for a camera sensor underneath to take a picture all the while the display pattern looks uninterrupted unless you subject it to extreme close-up scrutiny this new under panel camera technology will reportedly be used first on the galaxy’s at fault five next summer and then to hide the face id module that will still be visible in iphone 14 spill shaped cutout underneath the display that would leave only the front facing selfie camera visible.

At the front of the iphone 15 or in other words in 2024 apple will be inventing the punch hole display phone that has been a staple of android handset makers for a while now apple will reportedly apply the new single punch hole front design only on the iphone 15 pro models too lg is also reportedly working on a similar under panel camera solution and aims to heat 40 light transparency by 2024.

At which point it may become a viable contender for the iphone 15 pro display supply so do you plan to upgrade to the new iphone this year and if so which model do you find the most interesting your answers as always you can leave in a comment section below i will definitely read every scene and i will answer the most interesting comments.


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