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MacBook Air M2 2022 – RELEASE DATE and DESIGN

Apple showed the new mark studio but what about the most popular macbook air lineup i’ve got something interesting to tell you greetings to everyone my name is assoznan and before i start let’s discuss the news many reports have been suggesting that apple was working on a new macbook air for the beginning of this year however the company’s big march event has just happened.

And we didn’t see the release of such product the company took the stage to reveal the new ipad air as well as new iphone se 5g however no signal of the macbook air has been seen now the very reliable mark gorman from bloomberg explains why we didn’t see a new macbook air on the stage according to the journalist and industry analyst the company has delayed the redesigned macbook air until later this year.

So the product may only appear in september or in november this year november seems to be more precise if you want to hold your breath for the new product after all apple has been building a solid track record of releasing new macbooks in november the company will probably update the macbook lineup in november with a new set of apple m series processors that would feel like the best opportunity for the company to disclose.

The new macbook air however don’t expect a pro model to land this year the company has delayed the vanilla for later this year and the pro model has been delayed to 2023 that means that the 14 inch and 16 inch models of the macbook pro won’t appear until next year according to gourmand apple originally planned to launch the new macbook air with an all new design magsaves m2 chip and more at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

However the time frame has now seemingly slipped for the second half of 2022. there are many variables to justify this but perhaps the new lockdown in shenzhen is one of the reasons or even something that happened before after all the industry has been suffering from constraints since 2020 apple analyst minshiku expects the mass production of the new macbook air to be in late q2 2022 or early q3 2022 he believes that the product will launch something around september.

Then we return to the iphone keynote apple usually uses its september keynote to launch new apple watches and new ipad but seeing new macbooks there is not very common perhaps it’s time for a change gorman says he doesn’t expect apple to update the high-end and 16-inch macbook pro models this year however by 2023 an update will bring the apple m2 pro and apple m2 max chips this year he believes the company will reveal a conventional macbook pro with 13 inch display and apple m2 chip so do you plan to upgrade to the new mug this year.

And if so which model do you find the most interesting your answers as always you can leave in the comment section below i will definitely read everything.


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