Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery drain test between

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery drain test between

So the recent benchmark of the Galaxy S21Ultra between the Exynos and Snapdragon variant suggests that while the Exynos has managedto slightly outperform the Snapdragon variant of the S21 Ultra in the CPU test, the GPUis where Qualcomm still dominates the Exynos in Samsung's latest flagships. 

Now, since both of these chipsets are madewith 5nm nodes which mean regardless of which chipset you're getting you are not going tonotice any performance disparity in either CPU or GPU demanding tasks. But what you're going to notice is the batterylife. For most people, battery life is more importantthan that millisecond of a difference while you're opening an app or performing any task. 

For the last few years, Samsung is strugglingto compete with Qualcomm in this department. I mean just last year, the Exynos 990 performedterribly against Snapdragon 865 in the battery tests, where Snapdragon variants had almostan hour and a half extra screen on time compared to Exynos which was a massive difference forthe same phone that also costs the same. 

But thankfully with the S21 Ultra the tableshave turned, the Exynos is finally outperforming the Snapdragon in the battery test as well. PBKreviews did a rigorous battery test betweenthe Exynos and Snapdragon variants of the S21 Ultra. It lasted for 30 minutes where both of thephones had their display brightness settings cranked all the way to the max. They also turned off adaptive brightness supportand other battery-saving functionalities. 

The test also included stress tests and performancetests. After 30 minutes the battery on the Exynoswas at 89% while it was 87% on the Snapdragon. Another issue the past Exynos phones had wasthey generate a lot of heat compared to their counterpart. This test indicates that Samsung has alsoaddressed that issue. 

The battery heated up to 40.3°C by the endof this energy drain challenge. That’s 2.4°C cooler than the S21 Ultramodel running Snapdragon chipset. Now, these are not a big difference and that'show it should be! We can say Samsung has finally made thesetwo variants perform on par with each other and that's a relief for Exynos regions whohave been getting inferior products despite paying the same amount of money or even morein some cases. 

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