Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the only glass build

Jun 18, 2021 Ajmal Solangi News 191 hits

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the only glass build

Samsung Galaxy S22 - OH, COME ON

 Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is a solid step above the S20 based purely on specs. Between the flagship-level   power, bigger battery, there’s a lot to like.However, one major change that has drawn attention   and a fair share of criticism is the company’s decision to adopt a plastic build — similar to   its Galaxy A series — instead of the metal and glass design seen on the S21 Ultra   and every flagship Galaxy S phone since the Galaxy S6. 

Plastic has traditionally been   viewed as the material of choice for budget phones because of its cheap material cost. As a result,   many associate the look and feel of plastic with cheap phones — or even   plastic toys — rather than a premium device.It doesn’t help that basically, every top-tier   smartphone brand shifted to glass designs long ago — Apple, Huawei, OnePlus, Google,   the list goes on. 

This includes OEMs like Realme that make affordable flagships that   are almost half the price of the Galaxy S21.Now if you're wondering that this would change   with the upcoming Galaxy S22 then you'd be disappointed because as per a new report out   of South Korea, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be the only S22 handset to offer   a premium glass build. This means both the Galaxy S22 and S22+ will have a plastic build.   Honestly, this is ridiculous. With the S21 series, only the vanilla S21 offered a plastic   back while both the Plus and Ultra had a premium glass build. But now it's getting   worse with the S22 as the Plus variant also joins the cheap material group.  

I really don't understand why Samsung is so opt to reduce the premiumness of their flagship lineup.   If this was an industry-wide phenomenon then it would have made some sense but the fact that   almost every other OEM uses premium material on their premium phones makes this feel like   Samsung is cutting back purely to snatch a higher profit margin. I mean every iPhone   released last year including a $399 iPhone SE had a glass back. Heck, even OnePlus offered glass   back on both the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. 

Some of you would say that you use a case   on the phone anyway, so it’s not like you’ll be touching the back of the phone in everyday usage.   Well, true but that shouldn't be an excuse to go cheap on the materials since there are millions   who use their phones without a cover on them. So it's high time Samsung should stop putting   cheap materials on their flagship phones just for the sake of increasing their profit margins.   

Thankfully, the report mentions Samsung is yet to make a final decision,   but I would suggest don't count on them. Anyway, a couple of days ago there was a report   that the production of the Galaxy S21 FE has been halted, which means the launch could either   get delayed or the product would be canceled altogether. Turns out it's not getting canceled.   According to a new report from Korea, Samsung has delayed the S21 FE's launch to late September   or early October. 

They mentioned two reasons for this. A) Global chip shortage and B) to   focus on the marketing of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3. Apparently, Samsung doesn't   want to distract consumer attention by launching a bar-shaped smartphone as they   are betting big on foldable phones this year. 

Interestingly Max Winbech said the Unpacked Event   for the foldables will take place on August 3rd but Korea Herald says that's not true. It   will be held at a later date but they didn't mention the date. but considering Samsung's   Unpacked events for the second half of the year usually happen on Fridays, so the announcement   date could be August 6 or August 13.

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