Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 the handset has been leaked

Jun 18, 2021 Ajmal Solangi News 146 hits

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 the handset has been leaked

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 or Galaxy Z Flip 3 is a clamshell foldable smartphone

So the Galaxy Z Flip 2 or Z Flip 3 we still don'tknow what they are going to call it, but for today let's call it the Z Flip 2. Along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung isalso developing the successor to their clamshell foldable, the original Galaxy Z Flip. It's kinda weird that we still don't knowanything about the handset considering the phone is launching in about 2 to 3 months. 

But thankfully that changes today as we haveour first-ever Galaxy Z Flip 2 leak in the form of real-life pictures of its battery. As you can see the batteries of the Z Flip2 have appeared in various certification agencies. Just like the original Z Flip Samsung is usingtwo batteries for the Z Flip 2. One has 2,370mAh capacty. It’s paired with a smaller, secondary batterywith a typical capacity of 930mAh. 

So combined the Z Flip 2 will have a 3300mAhbattery which is about the same as what you’ll get from the original Galaxy Z Flip. This may disappoint you if you were hopingfor a better battery capacity than this. This also indicates that Samsung may not increasethe screen size on the Z Flip 2. Considering that the handset is also expectedto have a 120Hz high refresh rate display, I think the 3300mAh unit is quite on the lowside. 

But interestingly the battery life on theoriginal Z Flip wasn't bad even with the smaller battery with some users reporting that thephone can last a whole day with moderate to heavy use, so the Z Flip 2 coupled with LTPOdisplay panels, and the new polarizer less display that consumes significantly less batterylife than a normal display. 

I've explained in detail how this affectsthe battery life and the form factor for the foldables, I'll link the video in the descriptiondo check that out, but basically battery life on the Z Flip 2 is enough to last you a wholeday. Plus this would also allow them to keep thisfoldable's weight distribution well balanced to a happy medium. Speaking of foldables, a few days ago we gotthe news that Samsung is considering launching a dual folding phone in the latter half ofthe year. 

The phone would fold into three segments usingtwo hinges and the screen could have a more standard 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratio, makingit easier for app makers to design for than the 25:9 screen found on the Z Fold. It was believed that the phone would foldlike a letter Z and we talked about why that's not a good idea since one of the display willbe exposed to the environment all the time even if it's closed and we know foldable displaysare not durable enough against dust and other sharp objects to keep them exposed all thetime to the environment.

But it looks like Samsung may not do a Z-typefold for this phone. Instead, it could fold like this as shownin one of Samsung's official videos. This way the display is protected all thetime and I think it's more likely Samsung would make it a tablet instead of a phoneconsidering this thing is going to be quite thick. In any case, I'll keep you updated with everythingrelated to the Smartphone

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