Google Pixel 6 Pro plethora of new software features

Oct 09, 2021 Ajmal Solangi News 109 hits

Google Pixel 6 Pro plethora of new software features

Google Pixel 6 Pro - New Software Tricks

 So we're getting close to the Pixel 6 launchas we are less than a couple of weeks away from the launch event. Rumors suggested that Google would keep alaunch event on October 19th and Google confirmed that it was indeed true. Google will officially unveil the phone onOctober 19th at 10 am pacific time. With that said, Evan Blass has revealed aplethora of new official images of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro giving us another real-lifelook and also showing us some software features of the handset. 

First, let's take a look at these beautifulpictures of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. For the first time ever in Google's smartphonehistory, this actually looks like a real Google phone. The photos show the phone splashed with water,suggesting it’ll have an IP rating for dust and water resistance which isn't surprising. It also shows the phone with the charger whichis going to be 33W. But this is not going to be included withthe phone. 

We also have our first look at the Pixel standwhich will offer 23W of wireless charging support to the Pixel 6 handset. The Stand looks bulkier compared to the oldermodel, possibly because it includes a built-in fan for cooling, and these images suggestyou’ll be able to switch the wireless charger between “Performance mode” and “Quietmode” depending on whether you prioritize a faster charge or silence. 

Now, let's move to the software features. First up, the live space is a major at a glanceupdate for the Android 12. What this does is, Suppose you have an upcomingflight, the Pixel 6 will note it in the top-left corner complete with departure time. 

What's new is it will show a button at theright that notes your gate and seat number, as well as the boarding QR code pass. Tapping will presumably open a bigger versionfor quick scanning. Some third-party apps will be integrated intothis as well, as one screenshot shows a “Running activity” from an Adidas app that noteselapsed time and distance ran. Next, the Pixel 6 will have an under-displayfingerprint scanner and the screenshot confirms that but it also confirms that the phone willhave a face unlocking system. 

Now, this is not going to be as secure asthe FaceID on iPhones or Google's own Pixel 4, Google is actually using an RGB camerafor this to work which is a little more secure than what other Android OEMs are doing. Anyway, we have some updated information aboutthe pricing of the handset. 

A few days ago we got the European priceswhich revealed the Pixel 6 will cost 649 Euros while the Pixel 6 Pro will be 899 Euros. Today, a German retailer has listed the Pixel6 and the price matches with the earlier leaked one which is 649 euros. But it also shows that Google could bundlea pair of Bose 700 Headphones as a pre-order bonus with the Pixel 6 for free.

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