Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - A NEW RECORD

Oct 12, 2021 Ajmal Solangi News 84 hits

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - A NEW RECORD

Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra will create a new record in a key smartphone aspect

So the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the most high-profiledevice to look forward to in the next coming months. We're looking at a January launch but don'tbe surprised if they push back the launch by a month to February due to the chip shortage. 

We know quite a lot about the handset alreadyand today we have yet another report that reveals Samsung is planning to break somerecords when it comes to smartphones. Also, the same report mentions how much theS22 Ultra is supposed to cost. First up, let's talk about the display. You see right now, the record for the brightestdisplay on a smartphone goes to Xiaomi for the Mi 11 Ultra. 

Technically, it's a Samsung display so Samsungshould be given the credit to it but if we're talking about phones then Mi 11 Ultra sitsright at the top with a peak brightness of 1700 nits. For comparison, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has 1500nits while the iPhone 13 Pro max has 1200 nits of brightness. But the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be capable ofhitting a peak of 1800 nits brightness which means the handset will have a great outdoorvisibility. 

By the way, this report is from Techmaniacswho has a decent track record when it comes to Samsung leaks. They further reiterated that the S22 Ultrawill have a 6.8" 120Hz display with QHD+ resolution. Next, you see Samsung flagships have greatoptical image stabilization. I mean here's a side-by-side look at the GalaxyS21 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max from Mrwhosetheboss. 

To be clear in most cases like recording whilewalking both phones offer similar stabilization but when you sprint you see that Samsung clearlyhas a big advantage over iPhones. And we also have a leaked video from the Pixel6 Pro's rear camera and even though it's from a pre-released handset, it's safe to say theS21 Ultra has the best video stabilization among these three phones. 

But with the S22 Ultra, Samsung wants to taketheir stabilization game to a whole new level as the report mentions that the handset willoffer 48% better stabilization than the S21 Ultra. Now they didn't mention how Samsung managedto do this, did they use a new sensor-shift stabilization technology like the iPhonesor it's just a better upgraded optical stabilization component, I guess we'll have to wait andsee. 

Anyway, as for the price. They mention that Samsung is planning to keepthe same pricing as the S21 Ultra which is $1199 in the United States. I guess these companies, including Apple,have finally realized that raising prices year over year is not going to help them sellmore devices. 

With that said, Ice Universe mentions theGalaxy S22 Ultra will get a Burgandy red color option. It's the same one we saw on the Galaxy S8back in 2017. If you were wondering these are the totalcolor options of the S22 family. We also have a hands-on video of the dummyunit of the S22 Ultra which shows the signature Note look. 

There isn't a slot for the S Pen in this dummy,that's because dummy units aren’t always an exact replica of the final product butit will for sure have a slot for the pen. Now the back is where things are still veryconfusing. These leaks from case makers suggest the phonehas a P-shaped camera housing but Ice Universe is constantly reminding people that the cameraactually looks like this. 

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