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Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra fastest Android smartphone

So earlier this month we got to know that Samsung was using Game Optimizing Service (GOS) in the Galaxy S22 lineup, which throttles games to prevent overheating. Not only that, it seemed to whitelist benchmarking apps like Geekbench from throttling which resulted in Geekbench banning the S22 and the last four generations of Galaxy S flagships as well. Now, it’s found that the Galaxy Tab S8 series is also permanently banned from Geekbench as a result of the same throttling issue.

Android Police found that the Tab S8 and the S8 Ultra throttled the performance of Geekbench when the benchmark app was disguised as Genshin Impact. Interestingly the older tabs such as the Tab S7, S5e didn’t throttle in this test. Now, Samsung’s Vice Chairman and CEO Jong-Hee Han has issued a formal apology over this issue at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting.

He said the company failed to appreciate customer concerns over the issue and bowed in apology saying Samsung will “listen to customers more closely to prevent such an issue from happening again”. He also defended the GOS service saying that the GOS is designed to optimize the phone and it just restricts the performance of the phone’s CPU and GPU to the point where it doesn’t affect the performance of gaming apps but said they have already issued a firmware update which gives users an option to turn it off, promising that such issues won’t happen again.

He also refuted claims that GOS is part of the company’s excessive cost-cutting measures. Han stated that Samsung does not decrease the quality of their gadgets in order to save money. Some users in South Korea were claiming that Samsung didn’t use proper hardware that can dissipate heat more efficiently to save some costs but the CEO outright refuted those claims. + With that said,

the Galaxy S22 was launched with OneUI 4.1 that brought many new features to the table including Google Duo live sharing that allows users to share their phone’s screen with their friends over a Google Duo call., improved object eraser that allows users to remove unwanted objects, shadows, and even reflections from an image after it is captured. , and easier and smarter file-sharing that can automatically notify you if an image you are sharing with your family or friends has a potential issue, and it will offer you to crop out unwanted things or adjust the tilt.

Also, Quick share can send multiple files, photos, and videos at the same time. Now, Samsung is bringing all of these features to older Galaxy flagships with OneUI 4.1. It will first roll out to the Z Fold 3 and the Flip 3. And then later to the S10, Note 10, S20, Note 20, Z Fold, and Z Flip handsets. Of course, do consider subscribing for all the latest tech news and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…peace out


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