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Nothing Phone 1 has been revealed in a real-life

So ever since Carl Pie left OnePlus, the company isn’t the same anymore. OnePlus has become almost unrecognizable in the last few years. They merged with Oppo, and their phones are no longer affordable, they are getting rid of the alert slider for their phones except the Pro models, and the Oxygen OS which was loved by many turned into a Color OS. Basically, OnePlus lost the plot, lost its identity, and became a rebranded version of Oppo phones.

I guess Carl Pie knew this all along and left the company before seeing it fall flat on its face and made a new company of its own called Nothing. You might have heard of this brand, they made value for money nothing earphones, and now the company is all ready to launch their first-ever smartphone called Nothing phone 1. After weeks of teasing, the company has revealed the design of the handset and in a world of same-looking phones, this is a breath of fresh air.

The phone’s back has a semi-transparant treatment where you could see the wireless charging coil and some other components. Interestingly, the phone has a series of light strips built into its back which apart from making the handset look good, also act as some sort of notification light which was once a standard in Android phones. Since almost all of the phones now have a full screen at the front, we no longer see any company including a notification light so this is going to be a welcome addition.

The phone has flat sides just like the iPhones but unlike Apple which uses stainless steel, this phone will have an aluminum frame. The company didn’t reveal the front of the handset but rumors say, it’s going to look like the S22+ from the front with no chin and a punch-hole camera up top. Also, this is not going to be a flagship phone. Nothing confirms that the processor inside will be Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 chipset and as you can see it houses a dual-camera setup.

There will be a 45W fast charging support and the software side will be handled by Nothing OS based on Android 12. The company is hyping this phone as some sort of a revolutionary product which is a very bold claim because there’s nothing left to innovate on regular slab phones. And this kind of overhyping of a product could backfire badly because the key issue with excessive hype is that it results in massive expectations among prospective buyers.

If you hype your product up as being an absolute game-changer, people are going to expect something that will quite literally change the nature of what it does. What Steve Jobs unveiled back in 2007 was a game-changer, what Samsung unveiled in 2019 was a game-changer. But I don’t see anything revolutionary with this Nothing phone 1 as the company is claiming to be. But I hope I’m wrong, I hope the company does have some surprises planned when they eventually launch the phone on July 12th.


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