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Nothing Phone 1 looks to change the smartphone

The nothing phone is all the rave with news of it constantly coming out from their twitter the reason this brand is getting a lot of hype is because their ceo carl pay is actually one of the co-founders of oneplus as you know oneplus were the original flagship killers and they were releasing insanely good phones with flagship specs for only half the price of their competition the issue was when they scrapped this idea and started to sell expensive flagships like everyone else their fans were not pleased pay had enough of this and he wanted to create something new and exciting.

just like how oneplus was when they first started out the nothing phone one looks to have a transparent back and through it we can see that there are illuminating light strips which give off a very futuristic vibe these lights personally remind me of star wars and spaceships so i’m really loving the design as it fills me with excitement as the big round one in the middle is said to be the wireless charging coil which should give off a cool effect the middle and bottom parts are obviously covered up to protect the hardware and there’s a dual camera set up in the top left corner which looks to be very similar to the lens of the iphone.

the device has flat sides and a visible volume rocker on the left along with the power button on the right the materials used to make this phone have also been described as safe for the environment so they get a thumbs up from me maybe we can also get one from that’s what i’m talking about so a new smartphone is all good and well but is it enough to grab the attention of the world feels like you need a bit more than that which is where the nothing os comes into play in pay’s own words it captures the best features of pure android distilling the operating system to just the essentials where every bite has a purpose that’s pretty deep and also very ambitious.

so i hope him and his team can also back these words up it’s said to be a similar approach to the much-loved oxygen os of oneplus before they gave it up by switching to coloros in a highly criticized move the visuals are very aesthetically pleasing and also have a futuristic look which matches the transparent back and fancy lights payprom is 40 fewer pre-loaded apps which we usually call bloatware and also said that there would be three years of android os updates as well as four years of security updates which is quite good for a new brand since this phone will most likely go the root of the first oneplus phones by becoming high quality devices with lower prices.

i don’t expect the newest and most expensive hardware to be in it snapdragon 7gen1 looks to be more suitable but you never know carl pay might just go guns blazing and decide to release this phone with little to no profit just for the marketing we don’t have much information about the specs but we’re sure it will all come soon they’re also releasing their own pair of earbuds called the ear one and they will also be very competitively priced just like their new flagship killer phone we can’t wait to see what this heads so make sure to like.


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