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Nothing Phone 1 Most Unique Design Look

In the sea of so many smartphones in the world over the past few years, a new life is here. Something a little different, something that’s nothing. Yes, we are talking about the Nothing phone One. After the official design revealed, we now have some real life photos and videos of the Nothing phone One in action, showing off this unique design. For those who don’t know, Nothing Phone One is the first smartphone from this brand called Nothing, made by Carl Pay, the previous co founder of One Plus.

The goal behind this phone is to create something that’s going to stand out compared to the sea of smartphones that are already out there. Gotta say, they have definitely created something very unique. The Nothing phone One has a transparent back that is very carefully designed to look right. So it’s not just a transparent back of, let’s say, iPhone. You can see that it’s actually very carefully picked up with a minimal kind of look. There’s actually going to be a white and black version.

Nothing Phone 1 Most Unique Design Look

However, we only have the first look of the white model. With this transparent back design, we have special white strips that are actually glowing light. Yes, these glowing strips actually look pretty cool. I believe these can be notification lights to let users know when they receive the notification. I’m pretty sure there will be more function to this as we see the official release. We’ve got premium polished metal size, a dual camera on the back that sort of reminds me of iPhone X. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t all excited at first, but this is turning out to be pretty good. In order to create a standout design, compared to the competition, the Nothing phone is looking perfect, in my opinion.

Now, they haven’t revealed the front design, which is very interesting. Apparently, this phone is going to have a no chain design. According to the cofounder himself, the only phone right now in the market with a proper no chin design is the Samsung Galaxy S 22 and the S 32 plus. In my opinion, these are the best phones, probably the best phones in the world to have the front design and there’s nothing found. One seemed to have that premium look as well. I’m really looking forward to seeing that official friend look revealed. Now some of the key specs are confirmed for the Nothing phone One.

It’s actually going to be a very capable and very powerful phone, thanks to the new Snap Brigant Seven Gen One. It’s a very strong processor that is almost flagship level, but at a much cheaper price. Yes, this one is not going to cost a kidney. Apparently it’s going to be costing around $500. Range about close to Samsung’s Galaxy A 73. With the Snapchat Seven Gen One, it’s definitely going to be powerful than the Galaxy A 73 plus. It’s got 45 watt fast charging, which is actually confirmed as well.

The dual cameras on the back will likely be Sony sensors. So we’re looking at wide and ultra wide angle set up. Hopefully more information will be revealed in the coming days. As for the official launch event, it’s going to happen on 12th July in London next month. The phone will be available in select markets, but we’ll see once everything is revealed. But for now, the design is looking incredible. I got to say, I am really loving this, but let me know what you think in the comment section below. Do you like the special look of this phone? Drop your thoughts in the comments. If you guys are new here, be sure to with that being said, I’ll see you guys later. Peace out.


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