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Nothing Phone 1 with mind blowing Specifications and Design

So nothing is all set to launch phone one this summer and the exciting part is it is gonna be different and innovative tech companies aren’t on the consumer side anymore and no one’s innovating so this image shows the internal design of nothing phone one and you guys can see this wireless charging coil and then we have some wires going up and down the fun part is tech crunch saw the initial design at mwc barcelona and they say it has a transparent finish like.

The xiaomi mi 10 ultra e11 blast spotted the ceo of nothing holding this device showing it to qualcomm’s chief so yeah it is soda final that the design is gonna have transparent finish and wireless charging support which no doubt is a flagship level spec you might not get it just yet but trust me it’s stunning this is an image posted by nothing and it’s a generic image made to troll brands like samsung and xiaomi.

They say you might have seen phones like this but then they say nothing phone is not anything like this this means a new design but this also means we may not see curve display the first gen nothing phone which is quite sad there’s a hole punch on top corner of this not so new generic design so i hope they ditch that one too some more official news coming in from the ceo himself so he had an ama session on discord and there he gave some information on nothing os so yes you have seen the ui design of nothing os it is stock ui plus some additional changes.

And those changes are something you won’t find in samsung oneplus or even pixel so the ceo says with nothing os you all can seamlessly connect to third-party devices like apple airpods tesla and some other devices maybe like macbooks so this i can say it’s awesome cause right now no non-apple device can connect properly with airpods like they just cannot show the battery percentage without third party apps also apple watch controls are iphone exclusive.

So the basic idea is nothing waste is not forcing anything on users like apple do you guys can use any device say from apple or samsung and i guess it is gonna connect easily with nothing os connecting to your other devices including devices from other brands will be effortlessly the best part is still has spatial control ui for all these third-party devices which is something awesome in this video can see the quick settings shows a separate tile for connected devices so i so want this os and device right now summing up all.

The nothing phone one launches soon with flagship level specs but mid-tier design transparent back wireless charging and the highlight of this device will be nothing less promising three years of os and four years of security patches minimal animation and fast interface this all guys thanks so much for your thoughts in the comment section.


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