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Oneplus 10r has leaked online there is still confusion

Hey everyone i hope you all are doing well so oneplus has announced the oneplus 10 pro for the chinese market in january but a regular variant has yet to be appeared while we await for future official information leaked photos on webo shows what to thought to be oneplus 10 however some source claims that this will be the oneplus 10r as you can see this appears to be a high-end oneplus phone that has yet to be shown thus it is reasonable to assume it is the oneplus 9 successor

The camera which appears to have entirely different design from the pro model is the main feature of the phone that jumps out there are two color options for the phone black and white the camera iceland is located in the top left corner in the position similar to the oneplus 9 series but quite different from the oneplus 10 pro the design module on the back looks sort of similar to xiaomi mix 4. which appears to be attractive you can see a single big main lens and possibly some fillers beneath the plastic sticker

However the led flash and michael can be seen on the bottom right just like last year oneplus may employ hazel blade color science to capture stunning photographs thus hazel blade branding may appear in the final design now the exciting part is that according to some licks oneplus will use the snapdragon 8gen 1 in the oneplus 10 and the diamond city 9000 in the oneplus 10r the 8th gen 1 is a very powerful silicon and paired with the oneplus oxygen os 13 could work wonders oneplus recently announced

That oxygen os 13 will be similar to the stock skin and will include some customization features although the oneplus 10 will not ship with oxygen os 13 but it will be the first handset to run the latest operating system talking about the other features that includes a compact 6.5 inches flat display a small battery with 80 watt quick charging capability and oxygen os 12.1 out of the box so based on the specifications

The projected price is 699 dollars the oneplus 10 can compete with the samsung s22 pixel 6 and the moto h30 pro now for those who don’t want to spend that much money the oneplus 10r may have the same design as the oneplus 10 but it will be powered by the dimensi 9000 cpu so what do you think about this oneplus device let me know in the comment section.


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