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OnePlus Ace uses fast 150W Fast Charging

So an official news coming in oneplus is working on a new device the oneplus is yes this device will compete with the samsung a73 and xiaomi redmi k50 here are some live images of the oneplus 6 coming in from chinese social media weibo and you guys can see we have a flat 6.7 inch display size with center hole punch design and high refresh rate this devices.

You can say performance centric device cause some of the specifications are like way higher than that of the oneplus 10 pro so the highlight of this device is the 150 watts of insane fast charging that is awesome and yeah of course oneplus is using oppo’s resources for this innovation oppo says this can charge a 4500 mah battery which is the capacity of the oneplus 6 fully in just 15 minutes.

So i guess you may see the 150 watts coming to the oneplus 11 series next year see inside this device’s powerful diamond city 8100 cpu this is like based on tsm c5 and m process which can give a tough competition to the 8th gen 1 flagships we have right now yeah oneplus is also working on a device.

With dimension 9000 silicon but the oneplus 6 is powerful as well the icing on cake oneplus 6 using sony imx 766 sensor with ois the imax 766 can take some amazing photos and videos this is your official look at the oneplus not n20 and this device is like the lowest end phone coming in from oneplus the node n20 has a 6.4 inch 60 hertz amoled display a unique finish like boxy frame and a small hole punch design and two large camera lenses.

The main specifications of this device is qualcomm 695 silicon 48 megapixel plus 8 megapixel super wide cameras oxygen os 11 and 6 gigs of ram the node n20 uses oppo’s 65 watts of fast charging to charge its 4500 mah battery some awesome news coming in for those waiting for the oneplus holding device yes it is in the works and it’s gonna be something like oppo find then so that device got an amazing small size swarm factor.

And i think with oxygenos sardine on top this is gonna be amazing yogesh again confirms the oneplus 10 ultra work is in full swing and in a few days or weeks we may see our initial look at that max out flagship device this all guys thanks so much for watching your thoughts in the comment section.


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