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OnePlus Nord 2T is the next Nord series smartphone

Hey everyone so as we all know oneplus has their not series for the upper mid-range and mid-range market the most recent phones in the series to be released are the note 2 and not ce2 which came with a reasonable price tag and excellent specifications however it looks like oneplus is not quite finished with the note 2 series as a new oneplus not 2t gadget is said to be in the works according to the reports the phone is being tested 91 mobiles has given us an exclusive first look at the nord 2t phone a render given by an industry source.

Allows us to examine the gadget design the image defects the back design in all of its beauty the oneplus note2t features a sandstone appearance on the back and a big camera module for me it resembles the other chinese phone’s camera hum that is now popular despite the fact that all chinese companies are siblings within the module there are two circular rings the top ring features a huge camera sensor and the lower ring contains two cameras aside from the camera rings there are two led cutouts according to the previous rumors.

The phone would have a plastic frame while the front design is yet unknown insider says the oneplus not 2t will have a similar appearance with the punch hole camera in the upper left corner to accommodate the selfie lens in terms of design that’s pretty much it for the phone moving on we don’t have a lot of information on specs right now but we do have a few crucial specs that give us a good idea of what to anticipate from the phone.

The phone is rumored to include a 6.43 inches full hd plus amoled display with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels minimum bezels and a refresh rate of 90 hertz in 2022 oneplus should give at least 120 hertz refresh rate although other companies such as motorola h20 provide a 144 hertz rate anyway the phone will be powered by mediatek diamond city 1300 processor which is an advance over the note 2’s mediatek daman city 1200 the chipset is expected to support up to 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage.

It will most likely come pre-installed with oxygen os 12 which is based on android 12. according to rumors the oneplus note 2t would have a 4500 milliamp battery with the 80 watt superwork charging capabilities similar to the oneplus 10 pro flagship i have also got you sneak peek at the oneplus not ce2 lite these are several renderings of the device’s appearance it also features a camera hum similar.

To that of the north 2t the north ce2 light is more conventional looking rear panel is rumored to include a triple camera system that’s all i know about the not ce2 light when it comes to the introduction and pricing of both phones there are no words if anything new emerged i will make sure to keep you all updated so stay tuned so what are your thoughts on these not series phones let me know in the comment section.


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