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OneUI 5.0 Android 13 for Galaxy Devices

So you all know samsung is doing way better than pixel in terms of latest security patches and regular software updates here samsung is always the first to roll out the security patches even way before the google pixel so now with the launch of a13 initial dp for pixel devices samsung is rushing to be the first once again and has already started.

The work on one ui five sam mobile sources says that samsung is planning to launch one ui5 with awesome changes and features and this os is coming as early as july this year as beta for latest samsung flagship devices so yes if you are using a galaxy s 22 series will be the first to test this os in july [Music] now about the changes and features so we have no information on what samsung is implementing but we do know.

That samsung follows all google guidelines and no shocker they’ll push all latest a13 features in one ui five so the basic change you will see in one ui five phase material you icons for third-party apps cause with a13 developers can submit monochromatic icons so that oems like samsung can show themed icons all over samsung no doubt is known for best ui and i’m hearing from my sources that samsung is gonna change things like quick settings notification panel and interface of some apps like dialer contacts and settings making.

It similar to pixel material you design yeah not to mention we have new privacy and security feature in a13 which is like mandatory for oems the new photo picker api for your photos and videos privacy nearby device wi-fi permission and there are small changes in terms of security and privacy.

Sam mobile says that samsung is also working on one ui 4.1.1 which they plan to debut with the samsung galaxy z fold 4 and z flip 4. the sad part is it will be exclusive to flagship devices which is swine cause sam mobile says we may see same features for the galaxy devices without the version change that is a small ota package yeah you can say that small ota will be part of one ui 4.1 see again best part is one ui five is coming soon.

And that os is coming to tons of devices and here’s the list i made based on samsung software scope so we have the s series a series m series samsung note series the tablets and you guys can see almost all devices from last three four years that is insane this all guys thanks so much for and which samsung device are using right now comment.


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