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Oppo Find X5 review: Healthy compromise

(Pocket-lint) – While the Find X5 Pro may have stolen the limelight, the standard version of Oppo’s flagship series is equally intriguing.

By offering many of the same features as its premium sibling without the same top-end price tag, the regular Find X5 should appeal to anybody on the hunt for an affordable flagship smartphone.

So, is this an underrated gem in the wide range of Android phones, or has Oppo made a few too many concessions with the Find X5?

We’ve been testing the device over the last few weeks in order to find out.

Our quick take

With a considerably lower price than the Find X5 Pro, there were always going to be some compromises.

However, we were surprised at how little these impacted the experience. We didn’t find the last-gen processor to be detrimental, and the display is more than enough for most to enjoy.

With a similar camera array to the Pro, and the same MariSilicon image processor, there’s also no drop-off when taking pictures or video.

So, the Find X5 has a bright, fluid display, strong battery life, fast charging and a design that’s both attractive and comfortable to hold.

And, sure, it might feature a Snapdragon 888 processor and the display miss out on some pixel density, but the end result is a proper flagship experience in practically every way. And it costs much less, too.

Whether you’re trying to choose between Oppo’s two devices or the wider Android field, this is one of the best options to consider if you want a more affordable option.

Design – Oppo Find X5 vs Find X5 Pro

  • 160.3 x 72.6 x 8.7mm
  • 196g
  • Gorilla Glass Victus front, glass back
  • Black, white and purple finishes

If there’s one area that the Find X5 is most different to the Pro model, it’s in the design. At least, when you look at it from the back. While the camera housing has the same shape and camera layout, the external surface isn’t seamlessly ramping up from the same panel as the rest of the phone’s rear.

It’s also made from a different material, with a different finish. So, where the Find X5 Pro has a ceramic back made from one single, moulded piece, the Find X5 has a frosted glass finish. It still curves up seamlessly until it gets to the camera housing, though, at which point you find a defined frame and edge around the camera housing.

The finish is really lovely to the touch and to the eye, especially in the matte white of our review unit. It’s a frosted look that feels smooth to touch, with the curves around the edges and the camera making it very comfortable to hold.

Then there’s the added benefit of fingerprint resistance. You just don’t experience smudge marks here – at least with this colour and finish. The ceramic black Find X5 Pro was the exact opposite, needing no encouragement at all to show off where you had held the phone. We can’t speak for the black or purple models, however, since we’ve not seen those in person.

It’s not too uncommon these days to find a variation of FullHD+ resolution in a smartphone. In fact, it’s the most common, with very few – bar the ultra-premium tier models like the Find X5 Pro, OnePlus 10 Pro, Galaxy S22 Ultra and a few others – supporting Quad HD. And when you get a 6.55-inch display like this one, with over 400 pixels-per-inch sharpness, you understand why. FullHD+ is more than sharp enough.


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