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PRO 5S Are These The New Apple AirPods Mini

Hello people today we are going to talk about these hearing aids look active here these are the pro s 5 that seem to me to be cool so far they have given what one expects of what one expects so we go ahead so that they continue to see this should in this beautiful product amateur and bada we are going to uncover this fat to see what but that 5 what mortality that I was entering it gave me life to make this video but I took advantage of it once.

I bought it and we are going to give it to you so you can see this little thing well inside, look at it, there it comes with a piece of protection, a piece of paper there that since you remove it now I show it to you so that it is not mistreated and there it was removed and automatically they are already loose they also have the cable and the sheet the manual is here it is in English and it ‘s also in Chinese we’re saved that’s why I say that the Chinese version goes against what interests you to sleep the cable we go up there automatically.

I turn on you uncover it bunk there you realize but on the air l The colors have already turned from red to blue, there is already in that blue tone, you realize that they are loading the court titles on the cover, so in this way they realize that they are loading, they are only loaded, they change to a blue tone or it turns off, let’s see how they look exactly that once you put it on they say connected and also since I haven’t tried it running yet we can think that running they give it the go-ahead running they have a little delay but don’t laugh at this background look how cool we are going to connect it now to bluetooth.

so that you see how cool since you synchronize it automatically those that say the name start to come out you link it and give it the corresponding access and it automatically connects I say you connect it and so they start connecting once and for all look how cool what modality and they give you the load number we are going to go to spotify so that you can also see and explain it too look I also have a spotify look at my name there you can look for me and there he is talking of some situations in the heart city like the one related to the environment also linked to the situation of the bottle that you can find me there or bar ureña we all continue.

so if you realize giving everything you can stop the music and giving it up you can turn up the volume of the music I’ll explain better look notice that they’re already turned off so here you realize how you can do it here on top you for the music you look for has that action button on either of the two hearing aids we follow the price ranges between 1 thousand the seller but that pressure is around more or less than that auditor who achieved that 5 we continue hearing aids say that the volume 50% can last from five to six hours but I have not tried it that much.

I know that more than an hour if it has lasted they charge in about 30 to 50 minutes depending on what they connect and they connect like this when you are using they come to disconnect and buy they demand a lot in the chinese version stay between 10 and 15 meters if you move away it comes closer a and phone cars as a device that this makes the perfect call but you know that you are always wearing a mask because you have to speak a little harder but the perfect call can also be taken by giving it a touch it was pressed for about five seconds you can activate like this in this case.

the last bus that android used home maybe 25 seconds more automatically it turns off and if you take it off and logically there also automatically and the sea is ready final if I give a nine to the headphones but if you can buy the official brand that It ‘s the one from before, so don’t be running, fight, they’ll always welcome you, and to dismiss this video, I only value her bland, if you like ecology, I’ll leave you a video and my channel out there about all the situations that are happening at an economic level in this city sweetheart see you later take care.


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