Redmi K40 and Pro In-depth Review

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Redmi K40 and Pro In-depth Review

Today we are going to hands-on the Redmi K40and K40 Pro. Just for the record, I don’t own those phonesyet but luckily my Chinese content partners they are happy to share the footage and testingresults with me, huge thanks to them. Now let’s get started. Out of the box, without surprise, the firstlayer includes some paper work and a soft phone case. 

Then is the phone. Under that is the type-c cable and a 33w charger. Please note that for all K40 series the chargeris included. It’s not like the leaked information before there might be an environmental-friendlyedition without the charger or something. While for the K40 Pro, the contents are basicallythe same. Now move to the phone. For the Redmi K40, K40 Pro, and K40 Pro Plus,all three phones share a few features in common.

For one, all three devices are equipped witha 6.67-inch 120Hz FHD+ OLED hole-punch design screen,  the cutout- if not the smallest, atleast one of the smallest I’ve seen on the market. While for this display, Redmi said the K40series screen received an A+ rating from testing firm DisplayMate. Here is a comparison with the Mi 11. From our point of view, the Mi11 has a bettersaturation and contrast for its higher brightness and resolution, while for the K40 it has aless sharp viewing experience. 

What do you think? After all, the Mi 11 is a real more expensiveflagship phone! Also, all K40 series phone screen comes with360Hz touch sampling rate. Speaking of that, it must have a better performancethan even most gaming phones?! We do feel that during our gaming test, it’ssmooth and fast. But erhh, we wouldn’t call a huge differencecompared to other gaming phones on the market! During our test, we also found that the K40has a slight better heat control than the K40 Pro, it’s about 2 degrees Celsius temperaturelower. All thanks to the Snapdragon 870 on the K40. 

For camera, the K40 and K40 Pro both featurean 8MP wide-angle lens and a 5MP macro lens but for the former it sports a 48MP main camerawhile for the latter it houses a 64MP primary snapper. Our conclusion for their performance is yeah,more than enough to handle daily photos. 

You can check out all the sample photos andfootage here, let me know what you think. For others, the Redmi K40 and Pro featurea side fingerprint recognition,  it’s fast and has multiple functions. They also come with a 4,520mAh battery andsupport 33W fast-charging, you can top up fully in around 50 minutes. As for the X-axis linear motor, amplifiedWi-Fi6, dual stereo speaker, all function NFC  and infrared sensor, they all have. Now about my conclusion. 

What I really like about the K40 series phonesis that they all sport a same high-performance display, whether for the K40 or the K40 Proplus, isn’t that awesome? And from our test, they all have really greatperformance. If you have limited budget, go for the K40,you can’t get it wrong, it’s the best budget phone we’ve seen in this year sofar; if you have a higher demand for the camera performance then the K40 Pro or Pro Plus isa good option for you. 

What do you think? Alright, I hope it hashelped you in some way, let me know in the comment section if you have any questions. Thanks and I will see you inthe next time. 

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