OPPO Enco X Review

Mar 04, 2021 Ajmal Solangi Reviews 179 hits

OPPO Enco X Review

This is Enco X, a new pair of premium TWSearbuds from OPPO. By premium, I’m talking about a price tagof 259 Singapore dollars. So let’s take a closer look, and see ifthey’re any good. Starting with the case, the white plasticlooks a little generic, but there is a metal frame around the case which makes it feela bit more premium, and the slim profile makes it easy to carry around. 

The lid has a nice spring loaded mechanismwhich makes it easier to take out the earbuds, and the pairing process also starts once thelid opens, making it a bit quicker to pair to my phone. On top of all that, it supports wireless charging,and it uses USB-C for charging. I’m personally not a fan of TWS earbudswith a stem, but the stem here is short enough that I don’t mind it as much. It doesn’t have the tightest fit, so passiveisolation is just okay. But I actually like this type of fit a bitbetter because it produces less thumping sound when I’m jogging. 

Anyway, it is still secure enough and hasan IP54 rating, so it should be able to deal with a bit of sweat during workouts. It has a comprehensive set of touch controls,and they are easy to use as well. The touch controls can be slightly tweakedusing an app. However, for the ANC and transparency modefeature, only 2 items can be selected in the app. So if you want to use it in normal mode, you’llneed to choose whether you want quick access to ANC or transparency mode.

 It comes with wear detection as well, andon top of pausing the music when you take out the earbuds, if you are still wearing1 side of the earbuds, it will automatically turn on transparency mode so that you canhear a bit better. Simple, but smart feature. For the ANC, it is rated at around 35dB andwhile it’s not the best I’ve heard, it generally works well enough. Higher frequency noises, sudden noises, andvoices will still leak in a little, but it does a decent job at reducing constant lowfrequency noises like engines and whatnot. 

So even with my portable air conditioner running,I still don’t have to increase the volume too much to drown out the noise. Anyway, when ANC is on, the tuning becomesa bit warmer sounding, but it doesn’t affect the sound quality too much. Transparency mode sounds relatively natural,and it is decent at handling wind noises. The Enco X comes with bluetooth 5.2, and connectionstrength is pretty good. No issues with dropouts or whatnot in my timewith it. I can also long press 3 seconds to switchbetween 2 devices, which is pretty convenient. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to supportmono mode. So when using just the left earbud, It supports aac, and LHDC codec, but I don’thave a compatible device to test it with, so no idea how that performs. Anyway, there is no low latency mode here,so there is a noticeable delay when gaming. Call quality is decent overall, and whileit does let in a bit more noise, the mic is able to pick up my voice quite nicely. 

But it will still struggle a bit in noisyenvironments. In terms of battery life, I was able to getclose to 7 hours of playback per charge with ANC off, and with ANC on, it's about 5 hours,so battery life is decent. But at this price point, a bit more batterylife would be nice. Anyway, the case is able to provide around4 extra charges. In terms of sound, the Enco X has a ratherinteresting dual driver setup, and Oppo has partnered with Dynaudio for the tuning. Bass is not the tightest, but it has a decentreach and a nice punch to it. 

Mids can sound a little recessed at lowervolumes, but it pushes forward at higher volumes. Though I still find that the mids can sounda little thin for my taste, especially the lower mids. There is a slight elevation in the upper midsand treble, but nothing too crazy. It’s just enough to give female vocals andbrighter instruments a bit more life. Detail retrieval and soundstage are both aboveaverage for a pair of TWS earbuds. Overall, even though I personally would preferfuller sounding mids, I still think that they sound pretty good and I think most folks willprobably enjoy these. 

All things considered, I still feel like theEnco X is a bit too expensive for my taste even though it is a pretty good all rounder. But that’s mostly just because I feel likeTWS earbuds normally have a limited lifespan compared to wired audio gear. However, if you look at TWS earbuds from othersmartphone companies, it’s actually a pretty comparable price. So if you’re thinking about picking oneup, and none of the things I’ve mentioned are deal breakers for you, the Enco X is apretty competent pair of TWS earbuds.

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