Google Pixel 5 Review

Mar 04, 2021 Ajmal Solangi Reviews 271 hits

Google Pixel 5 Review

This is the Google Pixel 5. Since it’s not really that new anymore,I’ll try to keep it brief. Starting with how it looks, it’s a prettysimple and boring design that we’ve seen on the Pixel 4a already. The green colour does look kinda unique, butit’s still a relatively muted colour. Google says that it has a metal body, butthat’s on the inside. What we actually see and touch on the outside,is just plastic. 

But, it does feel pretty sturdy, it stillhas an IP68 rating, and by having a cutout on the metal inside, they were able to implementwireless charging as well. So no complaints from me here. The OLED display looks decent and bezels arerelatively thin. It has a 90Hz refresh rate which is nice,and it has just enough brightness for outdoor use. It’s probably one of the nicest displaysI’ve seen on a Pixel device, but coming from the Galaxy S21 it looks pretty underwhelming. 

The Pixel 5 comes with dual speakers, butthe top speaker is now built into the screen, and produces sound by vibrating the glass. I’m not sure why they decided to do thisbecause the volume output is so much lower compared to a normal speaker. Thankfully, the bottom speaker does soundpretty good, so it’s still pretty decent sounding overall, but I don’t think youcould call it a stereo setup anymore. Anyway, the Pixel 5 is using a capacitivefingerprint sensor, and it’s definitely the right move to make. 

Face Unlock was a nice idea in theory, buta lot of local banking apps never got around to supporting it, and most of us are wearinga mask these days. I don’t really have much to say about theperformance of the Pixel 5 since it’s just fine. It’s a pretty standard mid range chipsetwith a decent amount of storage and RAM. It’s not the fastest phone around, but itshould be able to handle daily tasks and a bit of casual gaming. Because of the less powerful chipset, batterylife is pretty great for such a small device. I can get a day of use out of the phone evenwith heavier usage.

 I recorded the amount of battery drain whileusing the phone, so you can pause the video if you want to take a closer look. In terms of software, it’s a Pixel. I know a lot of folks like it because of howclean it is, but personally, I find it a bit bare bones in terms of features and customisationoptions. I personally don’t use a lot of the Pixelexclusive features as well. So to me, the main selling point here is prettymuch just the fast and consistent software updates. Well, maybe if you consider that Google willbe stopping unlimited backup to Google Photos for other devices soon, this could also bea selling point for the Pixel 5. 

Camera performance is kinda boring to talkabout as well since they’ve been using the same sensor for a while now, and the onlynew thing here is an ultra wide angle camera. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a prettycapable shooter and I still like the way Google processes images during the day. But I can tell that the camera hardware isjust not able to keep up with newer flagship devices these days, especially in low light. Video capture has been improved, but again,there are phones out there that perform better. 

For what it’s worth, I enjoyed shootingwith the Galaxy S21 more than the Pixel 5. Anyway feel free to check out the link inthe video description below if you want to see for yourself whether the camera is goodenough for your needs. I’ve uploaded everything I took with thephone at original resolution. As you can see, I don’t really think thatthere is anything super interesting about the Pixel 5. It is a decent, but boring phone.

 If you are a Pixel fan, and you like havinga clean software experience with fast updates, sure, you probably won’t be too disappointedwith the Pixel 5. But personally I just feel like it’s notthat great value for money. Not just because the phone isn’t sold herein Singapore so you have to buy export sets, but also because the hardware is so underwhelming. Maybe it’s because I’m coming from theGalaxy S21, which offers way better hardware all round, but is only slightly more expensive. 

Not to mention as well that if you can livewith a few less features, there is the Pixel 4a and 4a 5G, which offers mostly the samePixel experience at a lower price point. 

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