vivo Y33s review: Good in its own right

Dec 17, 2021 Administrator Reviews 54 hits

vivo Y33s review: Good in its own right

Just a recently, vivo took the top four spot on global smartphone rankings according to market analyst firm Canalys. That didn’t come to me as a surprise as vivo’s reputation of offering smartphones that give great value for money across different price points is a well known fact.

Even their budget phones don’t disappoint and could easily pummel its competition especially in the camera department. But could that be the case with all of their phones? 

Let’s find out as we look at what vivo brings to us this time with the newest member in their best selling Y Series — the vivo Y33s.

Budget but looks premium 

When it comes to more affordable smartphones, manufacturers seem to prioritize other aspects of these devices over the design. And it makes sense since people on tighter budgets would probably be more interested in what the phone could do rather than how it looks. 

My initial impressions with the Y33s are quite different though. It reminded me of vivo’s previous flagship that we’ve reviewed — the vivo X60, with its flat design, the layout of the camera module at the back and the side mounted fingerprint scanner. I must say, this phone is a charming device.

However, the vivo Y33s is predominantly made of plastic and it does feel like one to touch. What scares me is how the plastic back would look in a few months of using it bare without protection as it does look like the type that gets easily scratched.

A comforting addition to the vivo Y33s is the choice of a Full HD+ resolution display. It may not sound as exhilarating as those in higher end phones but most smartphones with similar specs to the Y33s usually land with lesser definition displays so this is already a great upgrade from that.

This IPS display has great viewing angles and has pretty great color reproduction, too. Not exactly what I would call excellent or anything but definitely much more satisfying compared to the common 720p displays from its competition. It does feel a bit soft for my taste and does suffer a bit once you bring it outdoors as I had a bit of a struggle getting clear visibility while I was outside.

vivo does include a soft jelly case in the package but that actually gets me torn on whether I’d want to enjoy its classy design or preserve its looks.

We still get the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and that is located at the bottom of the phone, along with the USB-C charging port and the speaker grille.

Overall, I think it’s pretty good. I can easily see this as a great companion for people who ride long commutes to catch up on some Netflix series or even some gaming. I do wish it had at least a 90Hz refresh rate for a bit more of a smoother experience, unfortunately, we’re stuck with 60Hz on this one.

Capable performance under the hood 

The vivo Y33s comes with the MediaTek Helio G80 chipset, 8GB + 4GB Extended RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

By now, I’ve gotten used to the performance of this series of Helio chipsets. It’s a great performer in the budget category and quite capable if you’re into games as well.

I did try to play a few games like Call of Duty: Mobile and, just how I anticipated it to be, the experience is smooth and enjoyable. Unfortunately, like the other Helio G80 powered smartphones, Call of Duty: Mobile is also capped at medium settings as its highest graphical option.

Of course, gaming test won’t be complete without the usual Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Again, as expected, the experience is fluid and satisfying thanks to the added eye candy from the full HD+ screen.

For day-to-day use, the abundance of RAM carries different apps in the background making multitasking a snappy experience.

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