Redmi Note 10 Pro (Max) Unboxing and Camera Test Review

Mar 18, 2021 Ajmal Solangi Reviews 329 hits

Redmi Note 10 Pro (Max) Unboxing and Camera Test Review

So I'm with the Redmi note 10 Pro. Actually, I don't own this, Anyway I'll just do an unboxing. Yeah what else I can do right? And then I will mainly do a camera test in this article. So yeah without further ado let's get started! First, unbox it! The first layer, without surprise, would be some paperwork and the phone case. 

You see the chunky manual that you're never gonna read. And then the phone. There are some highlights on this film: 108-megapixel quad camera, 120 hertz AMOLED 6.67' Dot display.  Qualcomm snapdragon 732G, 33-watt fast charging, and the battery are pretty big: 5020mAh. I really like the finish. It looks smooth, feels really smooth, and well-polished but somehow it's easy to gather smudges and fingerprints but that's OK.

You are going to wear a phone case anyway. So let's go over so the camera specs are really quick. It's a 108 megapixel plus 8 megapixel plus 5 megapixel plus 2-megapixel quad camera.  Yeah for the more detailed one just to list on the screen you can check it out. Let's move to other stuff. A type c cable and faster charger. All right that's it!   ah pretty much everything about it, let's just do a camera test!  On the day we shot the sample photos, the weather was not very good. 

But let’s see how the Redmi note 10 pro performs on a such cloudy day. To my surprise, it still does a good job. It generates a true-to-life color. The dynamic range is fine, many details are being kept, though some dark parts are just…   too dark.  You can switch HDR to compensate for that. The 108MP pictures look- according to my opinion-   not very impressive though, lacking in detail and good dynamic range.  It has a really good portrait mode, the bokeh effect is just awesome! The 5MP macro shots are detailed, with lively colors. 

As for videos, it supports up to 4k/30fps resolution but doesn’t support image stabilization. The image stabilization feature only applied for 1080p   30fps or below, here is a comparison video.  We can see even the light is not good, the video still looks not bad, the detail is plenty, the noise is low, and the video excels in everything else - smoothness, sharpness, colors, and contrast. However,   I did run into a problem. 

Whenever I adjusted the resolution to 1080p/60fps, the camera got stuck!   Even I updated the system, the problem was still existing. Not sure if it’s a bug that’s only on this unit I’m testing or for other reasons. As for night photos and videos, the overall look good,  but the only issue is the highlight areas got blown out.  Even though it's not a deal-breaker. (I don't know what Cymye is saying...) So let's talk about my conclusion. As I know the price for this Redmi note 10 pro is really really budget-friendly it's like 214 US dollars something. 

That's a really good venue and just merely from the camera, you know from a camera test I think those photos are really usable though I ran into some bugs with it you know maybe it's just because of this unit I'm testing. For other phones I guess will not have these issues.   So this is really a budget-friendly phone. See you guys later.  I didn't say anything right (it's okay right) okay wow I didn't know the price before. Yeah okay that's okay 

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