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Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra is the latest and greatest smartphone

So in my Galaxy S22 Ultra review video, I asked whether or not you are interested in this homescreen setup to turn your boring phone into this cool looking one. And Judging from the reaction, I take it as a yes. So here it goes. First and foremost, I’m not using any third-party launcher. It’s the stock OneUI launcher that comes built-in from Samsung.

And everything I’ve used to make the S22 Ultra look like this. First the wallpaper, it’s from canoopsy. I have a couple of good alternatives as well, the link as I’ve said will be in the description. To get this beautiful rain effect, you need to download this app called rainpaper. Do note that it slightly increases the battery consumption but not by that much to hinder the user experience.

It’s my personal favorite and I’ve been using it for 2 years now, it makes everything on my home screen look way better. Now whenever I get a new Samsung phone, the first thing I do is change the look of the recent apps page to this. It looks amazing and I highly suggest you change yours too. To do that download Goodlock which is made from Samsung themselves. You’ll find it in Galaxy Store. Do note that it’s not available in the play store.

You’ll need it to get it from the Galaxy store itself. And follow the instructions as you can see and select stack from the taskbar menu. There are plenty of other customizations you can do with Good lock. Play with it, it’s a wonderful customization tool from Samsung. Now to get this widget or this or this one, you need to download an app called kwgt custom widget maker.

To set it up, follow the instructions that I’m showing you right now. There are plenty of free options in this app including this fadeout type calendar which honestly looks beautiful. Now to get this big clock widget or even this one that I’ve used multiple times in the past, you need to download KWGT Pro. And follow the same steps. By the way, you can also assign which app should open when you touch either of these widgets.

It’s fairly simple and takes a couple of steps. Then to get this calendar widget, download this app called months. Although we have a couple of calendar apps built-in from Samsung and Google already, I find this one much better and pleasing to the eye. There are plenty of other styles to choose from within the app.

A couple of quick points, to make your homescreen look cleaner, enable swipe gestures instead of the buttons from the settings and move all the frequent apps that you use on the homescreen into one folder which makes everything look cleaner and also increases the aesthetics at the same time. Of course.


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