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Samsung Galaxy Note 22 Ultra will get freebies or free gifts

We’re just a couple of days away from the Unpacked Event where the much-awaited Galaxy S22 Ultra, as well as the Tab S8 Ultra, will finally be unveiled. We know pretty much everything about the handsets at this point and now, the gifts or freebies that will be offered to pre-order customers have been also revealed.

A pre-order page for the Galaxy S22 for Poland went online for a brief amount of time before it was taken down which showed that the pre-order customers will get a free Galaxy Buds Pro alongside the S22. Additionally, Samsung will offer an equivalent of $750 of buy-back guarantee on the new phones. You see preorder gifts will differ for different countries.

Some countries will get a $200 credit which they can use for buying any item on their website, and some will get cashback. Some countries will even get a Galaxy Watch 4. It all depends where you live but in any case, you’re going to get an equivalent of $200 of freebies if you pre-order the handset. Moving on, here’s our first look at the retail box of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It looks almost identical to the S21 Ultra’s box inside of which you’ll find a USB C cable and a sim ejection tool. Next, yesterday we got to know that the 1TB variant of the S22 Ultra is indeed real. And Europe is expected to have this variant. Now, we’re learning from Ice Universe that South Korea and China will also include a 1TB variant of the S22 Ultra. Yesterday we also saw a camera sample of the S22 Ultra taken at the Beijing Olympics and Today we have some more camera samples taken at the same event by the S22 Ultra posted by Samsung themselves.

One of the most anticipated features of the S22 Ultra is the camera, night mode in particular where Samsung says the S22 Ultra is in its own league both in photo and video. As you can see, the quality of the images speaks for itself. These look absolutely stunning, now eagerly waiting to see the video quality and thankfully we don’t have to wait long to find out.

Anyway, S22 Ultra isn’t the only thing launching at the event, a lot of people are looking forward to the Tab S8 Ultra as well and we have a live image of the tablet which is giving us some real insight into how it’s unique display will look and function. With a 14.6″ display, it’s one of the largest mainstream tablets we’ve ever seen and could make for a great laptop replacement once it’s paired with a third-party keyboard accessory provided you don’t need heavy software.

Samsung has done a good job at not making the notch too intrusive unlike the new MacBook pro but still, the notch is likely to be a divisive design choice. In any case, with just two more days we’re going to hear tons of new info and real-life video leaks so be sure.


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