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Samsung Galaxy S 22 Ultra Users Report an Annoying Bug

Galaxy s22 ultra samsung’s top smartphone still needs to work out some kinks recently the exynos 2200 has failed to impress in dx omar’s battery tests of the galaxy s22 the galaxy s 22 plus and galaxy as 22 ultra fare better but none set the world alight when mated to samsung’s in-house silicon also the galaxy s 22 ultra users report an annoying bug and there’s no fix inside the exomark has put the european version of the galaxy s22.

Through its paces in various battery tests to recap samsung sells the galaxy s22 series with the exynos 2200 in europe which relies on a 4nm process and an xclips 920 gpu among other components in comparison many other markets receive the galaxy s22 with a snapdragon 810 one the flagship soc of choice until the snapdragon 8 gen oneplus arrives later this year.

The xomark rates all xenos 2 200 models poorly for battery life particularly the galaxy s22 while dxomark criticizes the high power consumption of the exynos 200 in standby mode the galaxy s 22’s 3700m a battery capacity does not help predictably the galaxy s 22 plus and galaxy s22 ultra lasts longer than the smaller sibling but only because of their 4 500 mr and 5000 ml batteries respectively or still the galaxy s22 falls short its predecessor.

Which matches the scion 11t pro for battery life in most cases similarly the exynos version of the galaxy s21 is on par with the apple iphone 13 although not when it comes to music playback in short dxomark considers the galaxy s22 a step back from the galaxy s21 regarding battery life in fact the galaxy s22 sits dead last on dxomark’s battery score leaderboard even behind the iphone 12 mini the galaxy s22 cannot recharge its 3 700 m on battery quickly either in other tests.

The exomark claims that its review unit took one hour 39 minutes to recharge fully over a wired connection or two hours 13 minutes when recharging wirelessly unfortunately samsung does not bundle a charger with the galaxy s22 for one reason or another samsung’s flagship smartphone for 2022 the galaxy s 22 ultra has been around for a while now and has even received a couple of software updates.

However if recent reports are to be believed via gsmarena a major bug with the european variant of the phone has been plating users for several weeks now without a fix in sight the software issue seems to affect the phone’s ability to connect to gps satellites thereby leading to issues with location-based apps and services this interestingly is not the first major bug affecting the exynos powered variant of the galaxy s22 ultra last month we reported on another issue with the phone.

That involved the galaxy s 22 ultra’s display even though the first reports about this issue came more than four weeks ago it is only now that samsung has knowledged the problem exists while we still do not have a date for that most users on the forum are now hoping for a fix that would be rolled out along with the monthly security patch for april 2022. samsung offers a very powerful smartphone on paper and in most areas it is also able to fulfill the high expectations.

But unfortunately not in all of them this starts with the xenos so c even though it is able to produce a convincing system performance it also has a significantly weaker gpu than the qualcomm so see the xclip’s gpu which was highly praised and created in cooperation with amd is unable to really convince in practice this is particularly the case in games where the usual high-res and hfr options that are required in this performance class are often unavailable while this can probably be remedied with some future updates.

It is a limitation at this point the occasional micro stutters can probably be traced back less to the exynos 2200 but more to samsung’s inability to cleanly implement the adaptive refresh rate control the fact that instead of the promised refresh rate between 1 and 120 hertz only the range between 24 and 120 hertz is used also indicates this according to our previous experience.

Samsung will take care of the problems and remedy them however we find it strange that this wouldn’t be possible for a premium product at the time of its introduction to the market so what do you guys think about this issue and have you ever experienced or noticed any one of them let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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