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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra continues to break records

So while some of you have the Galaxy S22 Ultra already, while others including myself have been patiently waiting for our devices to ship, Samsung continues to break records with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A few days ago we got a report telling us that the pre-orders for the S22 Ultra is better than it has ever been for any Galaxy S flagships to date.

The original Galaxy S phone was launched in 2010, so the pre-order sales Samsung is getting for the S22 Ultra are the highest in these 12 years. Now, Samsung has come out officially to give some more context on this as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. They say Pre-orders for the Galaxy S22 have “more than doubled” the pre-orders for last year’s S21 series.

The S22 Ultra alone was responsible for over 60% of sales for the entire S22 series despite being the most expensive in the lineup. In South Korea alone, they sold over a million S22 devices in just a week, 300000 of those came from the first day itself. Thus the S22 series now holds the record in South Korea to reach 1 million pre-orders sales in just 7 days. The previous record-holder was the Galaxy S8 launched back in 2017 that actually managed 1.4 million pre-orders but accomplished so in an eleven-day pre-order period while the S22 series did so in just seven.

Not just in South Korea, a price-sensitive market like India has also seen some record business. On the first day, 70000 people have preordered the S22 lineup which is the highest for any flagship in the country. All in all, getting the title of the best-selling Samsung flagship at least for the first week just proves that bringing back the Note was the best decision Samsung has taken in a while. And not just the S22, the Galaxy Tab S8 is also seeing record sales.

Samsung says the pre-order sales for the Tab S8 series are more than doubled over pre-orders for the Tab S7 devices last year, with the high-end S8 Ultra responsible for almost half of all sales which again is very very impressive. Now, the Exynos variant of the S22 has some performance issues, some handful of units are also seeing some flickering issues. Samsung knows this and they say they will issue a big firmware update, that not only fixes the display issue but also will enhance the full capabilities of the Exynos 2200 for better performance.

They didn’t say exactly when they are going to issue the update but it should arrive in the coming days. With that said, the S22 lineup comes with a host of camera improvements. One of them is the reflection and shadow eraser to remove unwanted shadows and reflections from images using the built-in Gallery app. Now Samsung confirmed that this feature is now available to older Galaxy flagships. You first need to update the Photo Editor app from the Galaxy Store.

Then download the Object Eraser, Reflection Eraser, and Shadow Eraser plugins. Sammobile did an article on this explaining the next procedure. Keep in mind that this is still in beta which means it will be a hit and miss sometimes but it’s surely a handy feature if you want to remove those reflections, shadows, and even the object itself. Of course, all the latest tech news and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…peace out


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